Lovers of Korea?

Just a quickie blog post to share a link to my new blog, that I started for a special interest of mine. I am extremely addicted to Kdrama, Asian romance books, and Korean beauty and health products and wanted a place to share my love and reviews. After sharing some little bits on Facebook I realised there were many people who would also love to follow along with reviews.

I am currently learning Korean with a view to visiting this fascinating country one day and have a book plot in mind that will be set in the city of Seoul in the future. Much research is being done and in the meantime I wanted to share my loves as we go. It’s an interesting culture and country and in my opinion one of the nicest sounding languages I have heard. So I challenged myself to learn it and head over there one day as a mini goal for myself once we get past this dreaded virus.

I binge on Korean shows, use Korean products in my daily routine now and even started learning Asian cooking to improve my health. So I decided on a blog to keep it all together in one place and would love if you popped over with a follow.

Right now I have only posted a couple of series reviews but the blog will follow food, beauty, health, shows, books and music that all are Korean related in the future.

Click here to go visit – K-Love


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