Lets know Leyanne Cruden better – The 3000 year old witch

So the profiles on my book characters have proven pretty popular in the past, and I decided as my Cruden Tale series develops, I should introduce characters along the way with more in-depth profiles; better to form them in your head!

My Cruden Tale – The diary of a 3000-year-old witch obviously follows the main heroin Leyanne. So why not take the time to dig in and see what she is all about!

The Cruden Tale – The 3000-Year-old Witch

Name : Leyanne Mairi Isbeil Cruden

Date of birth : 980bc, recording of specific date unknown
Height : 5ft 6
Eye colour : Brown
Hair : Dark brown
Build : Medium slender
Occupation : Ancient Witch
Star sign : a winter born child
Most noticeable feature: Her eyes

A little about Leyanne

Leyanne was born in a traditional roundhouse in highland Scotland in the bronze age. A primitive start in life to an unwed mother who had procreated with the clan Druid. Her father upon creating her life  disappeared from existence leaving only his gifts behind within his child. Druids were sorcerers and healers, revered by the clans and held of the highest regard, many believed they were star walkers who came here to guide us in life. The Cruden clan helped raise her but soon began to fear this sacred child, they realised she possessed the craft of her father and was held up as a leader among her kin. Around the late twenties or early thirties of her life, she began to notice that her peers were out ageing her, later finding that immortality was one of her gifts.


Closed off, self-protective. Leyanne has had a lifetime and more of heartbreak, in the first 200 years of her life she lost everyone she ever loved and it set the plate for the hardness in her heart. She fears close bonds with people as she knows she will outlive them all and has created a coldness inside of her to keep emotions at bay. She has few friends that she calls upon but only turns to them with demands, never consolation. She is authoritative, a little spoiled and arrogant due to her great power. Confident, self-assured and solitary. She is the loneliest being you will ever meet yet her fire and strength hide it well. She is a mysterious dark stranger to the outside world and has an allure no one can put a finger on.

Leyannes style
She has seen it all in 3000 years and hasn’t found much in fashion that she likes, she is heavily influenced by her craft and her roots. Preferring bohemian clothes, usually handmade or hard to obtain. She likes layers, gothic hints and lots of charms and jewellery which carry blessings and spells. Her craft is her life and her wardrobe represents what she is. She has a huge darkness that makes up half of who she is and it comes out in her choices of clothing and accessories. She is also influenced by the Romanian gipsies of whom she spent a considerable time with in the past and still carries a crystal ball from the woman who almost became her closest friend in times of old. She carries that friend in a magical ring bound to the old womans soul.

Leyannes Likes

Food and drink- She comes from a world where they hunted and gathered so anything she eats is only natural or homemade, she doesn’t eat anything processed and will often be found brewing and bubbling pots of stews and baking pies when on her own downtime. She has a love of old world recipes and dishes from around the world where she has travelled. She brews her own teas always with a purpose or benefit in each concoction or she drinks water in it’s purest form straight from springs.

Books – Her own grimoires, those of old historians and ancient writers. At her home in Scotland she has a library full of books so old museums would give everything to own them. She has a love of history and likes to keep memories of every decade she has survived. She collects grimoires and spells from dead witches in a bid to know everything she can about her craft.

Self-indulgences – Her clothes, jewels and keepsakes. She collects memories of time and places, sometimes even people and will always be drawn to trinkets and charms. She also likes cosmetics derived from the natural things around her and makes her own, she wears perfumed oils again made by her own fair hand.
Colour – Earth colours, dark tones and vintage stains. She cannot outrun her past and even though she likes colours in her spells she is often drawn to muted and dark.

Leyanne’s dislikes

Not being master of her universe, she likes to know everything and be in control. Years of great power has made her that way and now it is almost a necessity for her. Being in control means she never really has to trust anyone else and therefore be hurt.

Leyanne’s purpose

She long ago decided that her immortality was more of a curse than a gift and convinced herself that she must have some purpose on this earth. She became so focused on finding her path in life instead of counting away the years that it has become her sole reason for breathing. Travelling, searching and distracting herself from an eternity she is sure that she will find the one thing she is destined for if she just keeps looking. Unknown to her deep down she is also searching for the link to the father who abandoned her.
Leyanne’s gifts
She worships the Moon God Khonsu who gives her most of her energy and insight but she has learned the value of worshiping all of the gods for different gifts.
Immortality, visions, ability to heal. She can use spells in various ways to control, bend things to her will and create protections and barriers. There is not much this witch cannot do and if she needs something done that is new to her she will just find a spell to make it happen. She is the super witch, and to date she has met no other witch like her.
Leyanne’s summary
She does not know herself if she is good or bad, she thinks she stands with a foot on each side of light and dark for nature’s balance. Through the decades she has done things which only support this, having a part in the Aztecs demise was for the greater good but yet also having a part in compelling mortals to fight in wars that led to their own deaths in revenge undid all of that. She has a complicated personality and is equally drawn to both sides of the scale. Those who she considers friends of sorts are varied from dark and light origins making her an almost neutral territory.


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