The Cruden Tale – Leyannes Moon ritual (Grimoire Series 1)

If you are a follower of my blog series The Cruden Tale you will know that Leyanne Cruden is a witch who gains her power from the moon god Khonsu. We will look at Khonsu in a later blog post , so for now enjoy the ritual. Watch out for my youtube as coming soon we make our very own miniature pentagram box!
Print or copy the upcoming spells and rituals into your very own Grimoire or Book of shadows and create a complete Cruden spell book with me.

In the first instalment of the story you find her carrying out the full moon ritual which rejuvenates her powers and allows her to gain visions from the gods that may alter her path. I know there are many who would like to know more about the ritual incase you want to reinact the scene. This is not a ritual based in any modern witchcraft as she is 3000 years old and does things her own way.
To set up the altar!

You need a table in the full light of the moon, it has to be a full moon which happens once a month. Big enough to hold all your items.
You will need to lay a black cloth, preferably velvet as it soaks up the rays of the moon around the alter items making sure there is no connection between them.
You will also need the following.
A rustic wooden bowl for earth (soil or dirt)
A silver goblet to both empower the sacred metal and to hold water, another of the elements.
Wind can be from an open window or being outside.
A black and a white candle which signify both fire and the balance of dark and light.
A bowl of salt or solid salt rock for purification.
A crystal ball, a way of connecting to the past.
A box containing healing crystals, runes if you have them or anything else you use with your crafts such as tarot cards. The box can be made of any natural thing.
Your grimoire, your personal journey.
Your personal talisman ( Leyanne comes from a Druid background so hers is the triskele)
A pendulum, a way of connecting to the future of your paths.
Your moonstone to connect everything together within the ritual.
The items chosen can stray from the above as long as they are similar and personal to you.
When to start?

You need to set up your alter before the full rise of the moon, check charts and online for the highest point of the night and that is when you shall loudly recite the ritual spell. place your hands in your lap and kneel before your alter facing the light of the moon. Take a deep calming breath, close your eyes and clear your mind of all things. When the moon starts to flow into your effects the moonstone will connect you to them. Let your mind open to the visions the gods may bestow upon you.
The Spell!
Loudly and clearly you will say the following as soon as the moon is at it’s peak. These words enact the powers.
Dolores inferni circumdederunt me deam talem die plenae lunae reversurus est lava me servum tuum et lux renasci.
It takes some practice but keep at it, it’s latin and roughly translates to asking the gods of the moon to bestow you with power and insight. When it’s done you will feel a sense of calm.
There you go!! Leyanne’s Moon ritual, hope you have fun trying it and remember this is all in fun and fandom. 

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