What’s coming in 2021…

I thought I would touch base with my readers, seeing after the crazy year I have had, it’s probably unclear how I intend to continue.

Those who have been following my health journey since I contracted Covid in March 2020 will know that I spent the months since having non stop issues with my breathing, my general overall health and my daily abilities. I was given so many medications to try, including put on an asthma regime as I do have borderline asthma, but it worsened after Covid. I seemed to yoyo between improving and worsening in an awful cycle which also saw me pick up various viruses along the way. It’s been horrible and impacted my daily life and writing ability something terrible. to the point, there was large gaps where I just could not sit and work at all.

I am happier to report that in the past two months, following a diagnoses of Infectious Esophagitis, and two courses of antibiotics, among other things, I am now inhaler free. I am still struggling with heavy chest issues but now they are caused by severe acid reflux and will continue with medications to heal. The chances are within a few months i may heal fully but it’s something we are working on. It’s been a strange journey from a virus no one knew how to treat.

Since I am back on track I am writing once again, and you will be aware if you are following my Awakening book. It’s on Wattpad and will soon be complete. I have had time over the new year to plan where I intend to go in the future and are as follows.

I will still be adding to my Carrero series, I do have several books planned but I have decided to follow my urge to write. this means I ahve no idea in which order any new books will come at all.

I intend to continue the Carrero magazine , but after Alexi’s view bonus book is complete, I will no longer make the bonus books for Carrero. I do not enjoy them as it feels like repetition to me. I know some of you enjoy them and I do have half of Alexi’s POV written.

For awakening I do have three spin off books planned so far, (see images below) and I have no idea if each of these will turn into two books or more. I also have ideas for following them if the desire takes me.

As for other works, I am currently adding a chapter a day to an Asian romance book on a couple of paid apps. This is purely an indulgent one for me as I am so infatuated with Asian romance.

Lastly I also have a standalone book planned and hope in the future to see it come together. A sort of romcom that much like Just Rose will be a singular novel and non related to my other books.

That is a lot of books, and no doubt will take me beyond 2021 but I do hope you stick around for the journey xxx


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