How To Make Really Simple UV Resin Snowflake Charms and New Resin Mini Review

I made this very simple and adorable set of charms and wanted to share the easy technique with you. it works with any small resin shape and could be applied to any theme.

The video

The supplies

I couldn’t locate some of my supplies as I have had them so long, so found some great alternatives.
Snowflake mould
Circle mould I cut the little tabs out of my moulds so they don’t create a hole
White glitter
White resin tint
Blue pearl pigment
Snowflake bail
UV resin

About the resin

This resin is a china branded one I bought on ebay to try out.

I absolutely love this resin. After using a few different brands and having issues with surface tackiness and sometimes a strong smell, I found this to be a joy to use. I had no issue with smell, it’s subtle and it cured fast and left minimal to no residue.
When put under my large UV light it cured completely and kept its shine. I have found with some brands the tacky residue has to be removed and leaves a semi matte finish which looks grubby. This had none of that. It made shiny, cute pieces with no effort at all. I cured for an overall 15 minutes, but honestly i don’t think it needed that long at all.
It was a great price compared to other brands , quick dispatch and delivery from the seller I used and well packed. I purchased the 200ml bottle, which is the largest size and I decanted some into smaller bottle to use a nozzle tip and would recommend you do the same for easier use.
I think I will be sticking with this brand from now on and give it a 5 star rating .

The Facebook page and groups

Here are the links to the Facebook page and two groups I mentioned in the video
The page –
The general craft group –
The resin group –

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