Make Luxury Christmas Cards with Me

This week I sat down and designed the card I hand out to my neighbours where I live and wanted to share the process with you. It’s incredibly easy to create cute art and scan it to be printed multiple times to make a whole set, and by following my simple painting techniques, then even a beginner can do this.

If you are not wanting to be arty and create the print first then you can skip right to my printable and then watch the second part of the video to assemble cards just like mine. I shopped my craft stash and these cards cost me nothing except my time. Alternatively you can go right to Canva.com and create your own card using their library of Christmas images and clip art.

To make your own print, simply scan your art on the best quality you can with your scanner. Copy the image to Canva.com which is a free editing tool (one I use for everything) and then you can add text or any overlays to prettify it. Download as a printable PDF. Print the design on good quality white or cream card and you have the makings of a pretty Xmas card set for your friends, neighbours or family.

I have also included a tag PDF as a little extra.

The files

The Video