Art Therapy and My Print Shop

The past few days I have been really getting back to my roots and spending time with my art journal and paints. As a child I would draw and paint every chance I got but as an adult it was pushed aside for more ‘mature’ ventures.
It’s no secret I have been having a tough year and my writing brain has been mush. I have started back at writing the next book but if I force myself when I feel unable to write then a rubbish book will be the end product. I have found that taking time out to rediscover my love of mixed media and starting over to brush up on long forgotten skills has been so pleasurable.
It’s a great mind escape and the process helps quieten my hyperactive brain for a few hours at a time.

I have transferred some of my favourite design to My Print Shop on Redbubble (You can find all below and a lot more.)
The shop has two purposes – one is for the Carrero fandom and all their merch and the other is for OCF designs which is my vibrant, cutesy, arty side.
I love that I am starting to find my style again and my obsession with colour and funky backgrounds is coming alive once more. I still have a lot to learn as I get back into it and hope to continue to improve as I do. Each one of these designs is hours of happy time, freedom from problems and finding my inner peace.

Enjoy my newest designs xx

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