Plant Pot Decor Using Arteza Acrylic Paint

I feel like I have been sick for months, but the reality is that I got two bugs back to back and it’s probably been around a month that I have been poorly. Feel sorry for me! I went from a nasty sickness bug that had me in bed for 4 days straight, to a flu, achy , achy, achy, and then proceeded to infect everyone in my household with both. We sound like some kind of rough coughing choir and everyone has sore noses from continuous blowing. It’s neither pretty, nor fun!

Needless to say, the only thing I am good for when I am still recovering is arts and crafts. So, not all bad then. Sitting at my cosy desk on cold rainy days, wind and weather bashing around outside (school is on its October holiday too) and crafting away the day. Tis days like this I worship my slow cooker and its ability to feed us all without much effort from me. We have soup and stovies , tea and biscuits to get us by! I mean it’s not too shabby, despite the feeling like death and my head being the home of some drunk Irish dancers on hypermode.

My beloved was a gem, something he rarely is, and bought my daughter and I some early Xmas presents in the form of Arteza art supplies. Generally I think he saw it as a means to make us shut up and stop moaning about how near death we were. So what better time to trial one (well 2 if you count the wood) of these products with a quick and easy project to bring some happy and colour to my kitchen. I don’t think my brain could have coped with anything harder.
Voila – Plant pot decor. Easy to make, cute to boot and brightens up any non flowering plant. Perfect for miserable sods, loaded with flu and in need of some colour therapy. Oh and I also managed an Art journal page with our new supplies so have popped a pic below!

I also mentioned the free Autumn doll knitting pattern in the video , so click this to get to her!!!

You will need –

Arteza acrylic paints – we got the 60 pack
Arteza wooden slices , although you can get these anywhere. Ebay, Hobbycraft, Amazon and vary in price.
We also have a little 15% off discount code for you too . Use fb15promo at checkout for a good saving . They also offer free shipping !!! Win win.
Elichem Mastercast 121 is the resin I use but any epoxy will do
Barbecue skewers for the ‘stick it in the pot’ part
Some Polyurethane varnish or Acrylic Varnish to seal. You can use this prior to painting instead of Gel medium if you like.
Black liner pen (I used a gel pen as I couldn’t find mine and it runs a little)
I also used a little Holo nail varnish for added sparkle. I find it easier than applying glitter and glue.
Kids craft Glitter paint in silver for the back of the piece.

The video (my review is in the video)-


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