Granddads Chewy Chocolate Krispy

A great treat for everyone.

I have been meaning to share this recipe for a while and only just got around to it.

My granddad was one of the best cooks ever. He loved food, cooking and baking and he was always in the kitchen when you went to visit. Some of my most loved recipes originated with him , passed down through my mum and onto her kids. I have so many fond memories of helping him in the kitchen or visiting their home and breathing in the best smells as you walked in the door.

My granddad was creative, artistic and very laid back. I think I inherited a lot of his genes and now I would love nothing more than to pass on one of our family favourites (we still have this at every family get together and party)

Chewy Chocolate Krispy

You will need.

Rice Krispies (enough to fill a round baking tin to a level surface.)
6 heaped tablespoons (be generous)- Cadburys hot chocolate powder (the type that you make with milk)
Syrup – 2 Tablespoons
Butter – 6 ounces -It has to be a butter that chills firm, like stork baking butter.


Firstly pour Rice Krispies into your baking tin and level the surface. This is the best way to get an exact measurement. If you want to use something bigger than a cake tin then double the ingredients above accordingly.

Pour the Rice Krispies into a bowl that can handle heat.

Now butter your cake tin and stick it in the fridge.

In a small pot put your syrup, butter and hot choc powder and turn the heat to high. Using a wooden spoon stir as it heats.

It should come to a bubbling boil quickly, with the mixed ingredients resembling a thick shiny sauce.

Turn off the heat and immediately pour into your Rice Krispies . Mix fast until well mixed and immediately pour into your cake tin. Work fast as it cools quick.

With a metal spoon, use the back of the spoon to smooth it out and push down into the tin. Running the spoon over the surface will make it flatten. Be firm as you want to compress it all to be able to slice it later.

Stick in the fridge until its fully cold and very firm. Normally I leave ours for an hour.

Cut into slices and eat.

Chewy and sweet and an all time fave with the kids.

You can also substitute the Rice Krispies with muesli or add nuts and other ingredients as you go. Experiment.


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