Free Buddy Bear Knitting Pattern

So my children finally went back to school today. Woohooo. Summer is officially over and that means I can soon get my writing schedule back on track and start on the next book.

Meanwhile, I am getting back into a routine, so I am giving myself a few more days of knitting some toys as we ease back into school runs, work schedules and empty houses.
I have added a lot of patterns to my Etsy this past week or so and here is another freebie offering from Rachel and I. We make a great collab team and this bear will soon have a follow on pattern for an outfit (or a few) So keep checking back to my Free Patterns Page if you do not follow my blog.

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This little cutie is a joint effort yet again with the lovely and super talented Rachel from ‘The Daily Rachel’. Watch her blog for any outfits she may design on her own for Buddy!
We worked him out together and she got the task of knitting him up for the pattern (my effort is in rainbow wool). She tweaked where she felt was needed and added her own spin to his styling.

The pattern follows Rachel’s method on assembly and uses her images, but if you want to make the bear look more like my rainbow version, these are my tweaks.
*Gather the muzzle at the base a little before sewing to the face. This narrows the space it takes up and allows you to move his eyes to the sides. I also sewed it a little higher on the face than Rachel did with hers to give the head a much more oval look.
*I also gathered the ears at the base and knitted them in my main colour, before attaching lower than Rachel applied hers. The bottom of my ears are about level with my eye position.
*I Blushed his cheek area on his muzzle with a pink sharpie pen.
*For the foot bases and paws, in the pattern this area is in Gst, I changed mine to Stst.
*Assembly for everything else is the same and the nose is purely your choice of style. I did a V while Rachel fully embroidered a triangle.

I made a bow from ribbon, using a glue gun to assemble it and made a Velcro closure at the back so I can remove it. You can easily just tie a ribbon around his neck.

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