Are you GDPR ready?

I see a lot of confusing info being posted around the book community on this and decided to give my sources of information. I am GDPR ready and feel confident you can be too with some very simple outlined instruction.
My Publishing company is lucky enough to have a team member who worked in this field for decades and was happy to write us up guidelines which you can access below.

(note from our advisor – I’m not a lawyer or expert in EU data laws. My background is CRM marketing and this article covers my understanding of the requirements needed to cover the basics regarding GDPR.

This article does not claim to be legally or factually accurate. Nor does it claim to ensure that you will be GDPR compliant if you follow the information included here.)

What GDPR means for Authors and Bloggers

Steps to being GDPR ready

Example of a privacy Policy


I really encourage you to use the information and get ready. Today is the deadline and after this you will be subject to fines. If you do require help or any information and feel in over your head you can comment on the Pict blog posts and our in team advisor will try and help where she can

Be advised, if you run any giveaways on any of your social media platforms, you also have to have one displayed that you link all your giveaways too.

For an example of this I have linked my own here


Example of Terms and Conditions


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