My Youtube Revamp

A little while back I used to have a craft channel on YouTube, which was not too shabby, but I was not overly great at videos or making a lot of them. However, I did bumble along and a few of them reached pretty impressive views. One or two have topped over  a million views!

The problem with me, is I am such an eclectic person in all things. A mix of crafts, art, DIY and writing, that a channel for one subject never really hit the mark for me. I guess it’s why I never really stuck at it for a long period of time and came and went sporadically. I have a really varied skill set and a lot of talents and hobbies when I am not writing my next book. I was finding it hard to stay inspired on one theme and that is where my channel failed.

As a way of utilizing my channel once more, I have given it a little update and posted some intro videos with the intention of doing some of ‘everything’ in the near future.


⭐Crafts & Art


⭐Home Decor

⭐Make Up

To name but a few of the ideas swirling around in my crazy brain.

You name it, I will do it. I want my channel to be as random and varied as me, so I invite you along to have a nosey as I start to upload new videos in the next month.

⭐Click for my channel – www.youtube.com/c/LTMarshall