Welcome to my new Website

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⭐I am really excited to tell you about my new site. It is still undergoing work, but is now public and will be a good spot to keep up to date with my latest news. Right on the front page of my site is a CURRENT NEWS page for only the most recent updates – this will be changed regularly. You can sign up to the mailing list for extras, or just follow the blog here, or there.
⭐Eventually I want to move all my following across to this website blog, so it will be a great idea if you followed it (for the day when my blogger becomes derelict). I have no plans to do so anytime soon though, so rest assured I will still post there. If I can add the feed to my site in the near future then I will and not lose my blogger family at all.
⭐You can access all my social media links, contact me, even submit pictures to the Fan gallery and get involved on Facebook or with your own blog.

⭐Over the next few weeks it will continue to have minor improvements and addition of a domain name, but for now I am just so happy that is up and functional.

My Website!!


⭐It is my one stop shop for all things L.T.Marshall.

⭐New releases, personal updates and links to access me all over the internet.

⭐Photos, chat and more. You can even watch my Facebook feed and Twitter, right there on my website.



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