Interview with the Carrero brothers!!!

As promised this is the first instalment of the brothers interview. You can add questions for the next one via this post or on my Facebook page!
Interview with The
Carrero brothers, from The Carrero Series by L.T.Marshall.
Jake and Arry Carrero, brothers and heirs to The Carrero
Corp empire.
How did you meet the
women in your lives?

Jake – Emma was my new PA, she walked into my office after I
returned from a two-week trip and just floored me. I don’t think I realised in
that moment that I had just come face to face with my forever girl, but I knew
there was something about her I wouldn’t forget.

Arry – I met Soph’s in my momma’s kitchen, came home for a
weekend from college and there she was. Sweet little kid with big blue eyes, a
serious glare and the cutest face I ever saw, and it just hit me in the gut. I
just knew I wanted to get to know her.
Does Arrick see his
future in fighting, or the company, and does Jake approve?

Arry – I see me taking fighting as far as I can, but it’s
never been the forever plan. I can only go so far with it, I will retire when I
am done. I will always be in the family business as it is a part of my children’s
future too.

Jake – I have always approved of my little brother following
his own dreams. I know he will always have a hand in the business and there
will always be a place for him, when he wants it. He’s good at what he does,
and I fully support it.
Do you both believe
in love at first sight, after meeting your girls? 

Jake – Yes. I didn’t know it’s what it was at the time, but
looking back…… I fell in love with her the second she came face to face with me.
I still feel the same way when I look at her now that I did when those baby
blue eyes hit me head on.

Arry – I agree, I didn’t at the time. Didn’t think all the
years that I knew her that I was in love with her, but now I can look back and
see it. I always did. From that first moment. She just got to me in a way no
one else has an ability to do. She still does.
How would you
describe your relationship with your father?

(Both men laugh and look at one another)

Jake – Complicated. I respect and love him and we’re closer
now than we have ever been.

Arry – Close, I guess. I always understood him more than
Jake, so I get how he is. I can talk to him and I respect him.
How would you
describe the relationship with your partners?

Jake – Good. The best. I love Emma heart and soul and I tell
her everything. She’s my best friend, my whole focus in life.

Arry – Perfect. Sophie is the other half of me, the whole
reason I get up every day. She’s just the missing part I was always looking for,
and now I feel whole.
Does Arrick plan on
buying a house in the Hampton’s in the future?

Jake – (laughs and nudges his brother in the shoulder) Well?
Do you?

Arry – (shrugs) I haven’t thought about it. We are happy in
the city right now. I don’t know if that will change as we grow up a bit and
our priorities change, but for now we like where we live. I like the vibe of
the city.
Does Arrick want
children in the future?

Jake – God, I cannot even imagine Sophie as a Mom. Pretty
sure that girl will always be a kid to me, and I mean – Soph’s isn’t exactly
maternal. (Jake laughs as Arry glares at him coolly)

Arry – She doesn’t need to be. She has a lot of love inside
of her and I think she will do just fine. Yes, I want kids, one day. Sophie
might take more convincing though. (Arry breaks into a smile and shakes his
head at Jake)
Describe your brother?

Jake – Without insult? (Jake and Arry both laugh, and fist
bump one another, interviewer nods.) Arry is my best mate. He’s young sometimes,
but he can be really mature. He is a sensitive guy, but he hides it well; he
can be spontaneous and fun, but he likes to fool the world into believing he’s
too cool for all that. He can be stubborn though, and he cares too much about
what people think of him. He cares too much about people in general, even when
it affects his decisions, it’s his biggest flaw. I guess he’s capable, caring
and reliable. Loyal.

Arry – I was waiting on the insults bro? (Arry grins at his
brother) Jake is a stubborn pain in the ass. Overbearing, bossy as shit
sometimes, and generally a huge headache in my day. (Jake shoves him, and he
laughs in retaliation) Actually no. Jake is my best friend, next to Soph’s. He’s
always there, wise, guiding and loyal. I have always looked up to him, so I
guess he’s worthy of some praise. Head strong, capable, aggressive at times,
but overall a really caring guy who just lives for his family.
What plans do you
both have long term?

Jake – To carry on as I am. To have more kids with Emma, to
buy her a bigger house when we run out of bedrooms for them all and to just
keep spoiling all of them. I will be in Carrero Corp until my kids are old
enough to step in, I already have Mia in training to be the first Carrero Girl
to head the empire.

Arry – See where my fight career goes, stick with the family
business. Convince my girl that marriage and kids are not a terrifying ordeal
and actually get her down an aisle. I see all the things my brother has in my
future too, although it might be a bit harder to obtain with a headstrong
fashion designer with her eye on the goal of stardom. (Arry smiles proudly and
Jake smiles too.)
Jake – Good luck with that bro.
Arry – Thanks. I may need it. (Both men laugh)

If you could change anything in your lives, what would it be?

Jake – I would go back to the start with Emma, not be the idiot I was and just sweep her off her feet from day one. I wasted so much time with her, and put her through hell, I still regret it to this day. I would wipe it clean and just love her from the moment I met her.
Arry – I would go back and remove Sophie’s past. To take away her pain. But at the same time, I would be afraid that it would change who she is, who I love. I don’t want her to suffer from those things anymore, but I couldn’t imagine me loving her this fiercely if she was a different girl. I think her past made her who she is.
Jake – Yeah, wipe out all of the shit they endured. Just make life better for them from the start. Like they both deserved, but keep them how they are.

(Both brothers nod solemnly, looking at one another seriously)

Arry – I wouldn’t change either of them, but I would change their pasts.

(Jake nods too)

To be continued……………….

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