The Carrero Effect – Character profile for Leila Huntsberger

The profiles on my book characters have proven pretty popular in the past and I decided as my Trilogy book one is free on Wattpad, or available to purchase as an ebook, I should introduce characters along the way with more in-depth profiles, better to form them in your head!
So, let’s celebrate my Book one going public in the way I love the most. Introducing Leila!

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Name : Leila Christina Huntsberger
Date of birth :Nov 1st 1990
Height : 5 ft 2
Eye colour : Blue
Hair : Natural light blonde
Build : Small, petite and curvy
Occupation : Jumps from job to job 
Star sign : Scorpio
Most noticeable feature: Her infectious giggle.

A little about Leila

Leila had a really rough start in life, the only child from an alcoholic mother who neglected her. She has memories of a less than perfect childhood with her that gives her the strength and independence she exudes. At seven she was adopted by the Huntsberger family and brought into the fold of children, loving devoted parents and a stable life. Four other adopted siblings with equally unhappy pasts became her entire world. She found nothing but love and happiness and the fact the Huntsbergeres were another millionaire family meant she ran in the same circles as Jake Carrero and Daniel Hunter.


Leila is a little spit fire of stubbornness and strong will. She has a self-dependence about her, fearless attitude and a lot of sass. She isn’t really one to show you the inner workings of her heart unless you can prove you deserve it and she has a crazily strong intuition. She’s forward, honest and direct. Doesn’t believe in mincing her words and says exactly what she means. She’s a loving girl with a big heart and a real sense of self-worth.
Leila’s style

Leila loves fashion, jewellery and make-up and can change her style as often as her mind. She likes to put her own stamp on everything and could really have a strong career as a personal stylist. She loves flirty and fun clothes, lot’s of colour and eye-catching outfits. With her short layered blond hair, cute face and captivating blue eyes she can pull off almost any style she sees fit.
Leila’s Likes

Leila loves to travel, loves to party and have fun and loves being around friends. She hasn’t yet found her calling in life but loves nothing more than trying on new and varied jobs until she bores of them and moves on.

Books – SHe’s a sucker for a romance and reads anything from gentle warm-hearted to smutty hardcore erotica.

Self-indulgences – Clothes and lots of them. Coming from a life of wearing cast-offs and scraps she indulges herself with anything she desires, be that prancing off to Paris fashion week to grab at new designer releases or simply filling her day with boutique shopping. Her favorite room in her house is her walk in wardrobe.
Colour – There isn’t a colour she doesn’t love and it pretty much sums her up. SHe’s a rainbow girl and the more eye-catching the better.

Leila’s dislikes
Dishonesty, liars, and people who play games with her emotions. She has no time for people trying to hurt or control her.

Leila’s Goals

Leila wants what every girl wants, a sense of purpose, worth and a man by her side to share it with her. She doesn’t want to be kept or become a trophy, she wants to find her place in the world and excel at it and she wants the overwhelming devotion and love of man much like her adopted parents have. Her heart is invested in someone who for years has kept her at arms length and until she can remove him from her heart no one else gets a look in.


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