The Carrero Influence is now out!!

That’s right, Book two in my Carrero Trilogy is now on Amazon shelves as a kindle ebook and the paperback should be live shortly after. So, if you loved book one and are dying to find out what happens next between Emma and Jake, head over to Amazon and pick up your very own copy.
  Click to buy a copy today!

The blurb incase you missed book one!

Emma Anderson has had her entire world turned upside down and not for the better. The only man in her life she has ever been able to trust is gone, her job a distant memory and her future bleak. She has lost the facade she spent years perfecting and has been left in a desolate slump, trying to claw back some normality. She’s heartbroken. That is until he walks straight back into her life and maybe there is a chance at something more this time. But ‘more’ comes with analysing everything that’s come before, and the baggage that is now attached to him in the form of Marissa Hartley.
The reviews from book one were fantastic and the sales were breath takingly good. I never imagined it would hit the success it did in only two week of release. So as I promised, book two was quick to materialise and should keep you hooked while I continue on book three.
How about letting me know what you think of any of the two books as I really value feedback.

Even though book one is still on the shelves I’m currently revising it again for some minor mistakes that were missed first time around. Don’t worry if you have the ebook already, Amazon assures me new updates are automatically updated to previously sold editions.

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