The Cruden tale – Diary of a 3000 year old witch #2

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The Cruden Tale – Diary of a 3000 year old witch. #2

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December 2nd 2016

It’s been a few days since the moon ritual and I figured out my purpose for being here all along. There is a hunter awakening somewhere in this city and I have been drawn here repeatedly through the decades in anticipation for him, I guess Khonsu my god wants me to intervene in some way. I do not know what a single Hunter could do to the beings of our world but my gut tells me that it’s not good. For a creation 500 years after the extinction of his kind I assume Ra the sun good has some major plans for this one and it wouldn’t surprise me if he rewrites all the rules of what a Hunter is. We are so far from the origin of the Aztec’s that I do not even know what I’m looking for. What he will look like, how will I find him? I have nothing but the vision of a man in darkness with his back to me and no amount of meditation or insight rituals have given me anymore than what I have already seen. I have this deep pit in my stomach everyday , a foreboding and I cannot ignore it. I have had my Grimoire’s and some essentials dispatched from my home in Scotland and I have sent Cora my spying witch a very clear message to come to me. In this I cannot proceed alone. For once I need a little help. I feel this journey is going to be vast.
I have managed to find an abandoned estate house just outside the city, it’s secluded in a deep overgrown forest and a little derelict in places which means no one will come looking if new lodgers move in. I moved in yesterday and already managed to create a habitable home and a place for my alter and possessions when they arrive , the kitchen has a stone fire range from times of old which is enough until I can set up some sort of generator , there are fireplaces in the rooms which seem useable too and in the absence of power, candles and lanterns light my way in night. Not that I need power, I have enough spells to make sure I never do but my modern conveniences require charging at the local cafe. My laptop and phone are my link to the world on the internet and my contacts worldwide, still my best source of research. Despite it not being great it will serve my purpose while I am here. The house seems to have it’s own water supply, I assume tanks underground which means the taps run and toilets flush, even if it’s icy cold. I needed this privacy if I am to further the search on this man. If this Hunter really is what I have been drawn too then upon finding him I intend to make the trip back home, to my own home in the highlands, he will come willingly or not until I know what is to be done with him.

Leyanne pushed her journal aside and moved the candle closer to her on the table, the grand room was cast in gentle shadows from the fire and the pillar candles dotted around the room. At a guess this house had been occupied up until recent years, furniture covered in canvas was antique yet not ruined, the fact they remained meant the heirs had probably all died out and had no one to carry on the lineage and love this large estate and it’s belongings anymore. Leyanne had already decided that upon leaving she would leave her protection spell in place to preserve what had once been a home full of memories for someone and only a true blood relative would be able to gain entry and lift it. There were slight modern touches amidst a sea of original features yet there had been layers of dust from years of un-use. She looked out of the huge arched window draped in heavy velvet at the height of the moon and sighed. The restlessness inside of her had ceased to dissipate in the last couple of days and endless research and reading had led her only on a path of Aztec origin. She was frustrated.

A flash of white outside of her window caught her attention, the raven had landed on a branch nearby of a low bowed tree and signalled what she had been waiting for since sending out her message to Cora. The witch was arriving. It was about time. Getting up and heading out to the large hall she opened the door just as a cars headlights illuminated the overgrown dirt road and unkempt grounds of this hidden house. The car pulled off to the side, illuminated in moonlight and halted under a bowing oak tree to the left. Cora soon exited followed by a tall dark figure dressed in black immaculate tailoring and both made way to the brightened door which held Leyanne’s form.
  ‘Leyanne’ Cora greeted her with an edge of wariness.They had not seen one another for many years.
  ‘Cora, I see you brought a guest.’ Leyanne looked over the handsome stranger with tell tale porcelain white skin in a flawless beautiful face. He had fair hair and she knew even in darkness his eyes would be amber.
  ‘He has been assisting me, Leyanne this is Cornel Gabor, he is from the ancestral line of Romanian vampires and he has been my companion for a while.’
  ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you’ he sounded warm but she was already reading him. Cornel had a heavy Romanian accent and an award winning smile, physical perfection and strength, all the traits of a mature vampire. She sensed no compulsion or ulterior motive, he was no threat. Beauty and charm to draw you in and make for easier prey. Leyanne looked him over without interest despite his physical attributes, vampires were nothing she had ever been attracted too.
  ‘Likewise Cornel, I guess I should invite you over my threshold then. Do come in.’ she stood back allowing first Cora then Cornel to enter. Cora was looking older than she remembered, maybe early forties now, red hair that hung straight to her shoulders and sparkling green eyes set in an almost childish sweetheart face, her own accent not so prominent now, it had been many moons ago when Leyanne met her in her homeland Germany. She dressed like a woman of title, fitted dark expensive clothes much like her companions and expensive shoes. She guided them to the large sitting room she had been residing in and ushered them to sit on the couches placed in front of the roaring fire. On the wooden trunk between the chairs she had laid out her mass of books and print outs from recent research at the town library with a tea tray settled on top.
  ‘So I guess you invited us here because like us you know something is amiss in the universe?’ Cora smiled but humour was never her strong point. Cornel admired the carved arm of the suite and then gazed off into the fire seemingly lost in thought, Leyanne could already tell this one was weak, his eyes were the lacklustre of a vampire who was not feeding on human blood anymore.
  ‘I was curious as to the spying Cora. You should know better than that’ Leyanne moved to the large chair opposite and sat down, adjusting her layers and and rearranging her bangles. Sweeping her hair back she was trying to sense the vibes from Cornel, guess at his story while watching Cora.
  ‘I’m sorry about that, I know it was not a wise move but my bird was never intended for you, he strayed your way upon finding you here’ she averted her gaze towards Cornel and Leyanne saw the fleeting look of concern before she turned back to Leyanne.
  ‘So who were you watching? Anyone of interest or just someone who took your fancy’ Leyanne smiled mischievously, Cornel frowned at the fire and remained impassive and quiet. Interesting.
  ‘I was looking for a specific person rumoured to be here, a witch known as Nara but as of yet I have not found her at all’
  ‘Then you should have redirected to New Orleans, that’s where that voodoo conjurer resides Cora’
  ‘You know her?’ Both Cora and Cornel glance at Leyanne quickly then at each other, a look of question transpiring between them.
  ‘There are not many decent conjurers in this world that I do not know, you should know that already. If they are worth anything then I know them. Nara is not here but I am curious as to why you think she would be of help or in Newark’ Leyanne leaned forward and touched the teapot on the silver tray before her bringing the water to boil almost instantly ‘Tea? Although I wouldn’t recommend it for you Cornel as it’s vervain based’ Leyanne smiled sweetly.
  ‘Please’ Cora accepted and Cornel just shrugged. Vampires did not eat or drink anything but blood anyway. Leyanne stood and tended to pouring them out some amber liquid into teacups, dropping honey for sweetness in before stirring and handing to Cora.
  ‘Nara is meant to be powerful in the dark arts, we figured if anyone would find out what my visions meant it would be her and if she was having them too then here she would be’
  ‘Visions?’ Leyanne paused mid sip returning to her seat. Her voice steady and her gaze on Cora’s face.
  ‘I keep seeing a man in front of a bright light and this place was the source of my calling’ now this did surprise Leyanne, a feeling she wasn’t often subjected too and yet lately it had happened twice.
  ‘With the sun symbol of Hunters burning on his back?’
  ‘Yes!’ Cora exclaimed leaning in towards her. ‘So you have seen it too? What does this mean?’
  ‘If witches are envisioning him then it means a hunter really is awakening, our dreams and insights linked in such a way means its prophecy. My gut led me here many times over the past years but now is the first time its held any real meaning. Your presence confirms it Cora, we are probably not the only witches here now. I need to find him before I can really understand what this means and before anyone with ideas of destruction do first.’
  ‘How do we do that?’ Cornel finally quips in and it’s then Leyanne notices the sway in his hand and slight slump in his posture as he has sat fire gazing quietly.
  ‘When did you last feed on human blood?’ Leyanne ignored his question with one of her own. Cora flashed a look at Cornel.
  ‘Not in weeks, he’s refusing to feed in the hopes he can rid himself of the hunger for human blood, he’s living on animal but it’s not going down well after centuries of human. Cora was almost chastising him with her reply.
  ‘I am trying to turn myself from hunting people’ he steadied his gaze on Leyanne and then back at the fire, so much pain in his expression. The closeness between the pair hinted at his reasons, it was not unheard of for vampires to switch when love was involved.
  ‘And you haven’t assisted him Cora?’ Leyanne frowned, a feeling of disappointment within her.
  ‘I tried, I just don’t have the ability.’ Coras face flushed with shame and Leyanne only shook her head.
  ‘Come, both of you, we cannot proceed until this is taken care of.’
  ‘What do you mean?’ Cornel looked apprehensive and stayed seated as the two women stood up.
  ‘I’m going to help you , you just have to trust I don’t vervain you’ Leyanne smiled and extended her hand to him. Reluctantly he took it and stood, ice cold skin of the undead in hers, swaying a little on his feet as she guided him to the adjoining room where she had laid out all the herbs and items she carried with her at all times. Sitting him in a chair in front of the desk she used to hold everything she motioned Cora to her.
‘Here’ she handed her a silver dagger etched with a triple moon symbol ‘Go outside you shall find a deer making its way to us’ she handed her a silver goblet ‘ Do what needs to be done and fill this to the brim, leave the carcass out front for the wolves.’ Cora blanched but did not argue, taking both she turned and walked out of the room leaving them alone. With a click of her fingers Leyanne illuminated the candles around them and the fireplace burst into hot flame bringing a warm glow. Cornel did not flinch, she guessed being an Ancestral he had met many powerful witches in days of old, he had to be at least her age.
  ‘I need you to focus on your hunger, don’t push it aside, focus on what you want most.’ Leyanne placed a gentle hand on his strong shoulder until he nodded then left him to gather her herbs from her collection of vials and jars. An assortment of herbs poured into a wooden bowl, crushed bone, dried blood, moon water, she was creating the vampire version of a rehabilitation drug. Muttering a chant to Khonsu under hear breath and feeling the power surge through her, tingling her nerve endings, she touched the bowl igniting the contents into a black puff of smoke. Guiding the cloud forward with her fingertips until it hovered around Cornels face ‘Breathe it in, taste it….feel your hunger grow’ he did as he was told inhaling the burning smog and coughing in reaction. His eyes growing red rimmed and his pupils dilating.
  ‘Bllod separant libidine sanguinem sitientem ad necessitatem et indigentiam, et famem, ad famem, fit de vita, vitae‘ Leyanne called out loudly, the candles going out one by one followed by the fire before all exploded back to light with a spark. Cornel jumped to his feet in alarm, calling out in pain and grasping his heart before falling to the ground in a heap just as Cora returned cradling the vial and bloodied dagger. Gasping at the sight of him she rushed forward laying both down on the table and began to help his groaning self back to his chair, smoothing back his floppy hair and cradling his hea din her arms.
  ‘What happened?’ he groaned holding a palm to his head and one to his chest as he slumped back.
  ‘Drink this’ Leyanne poured the remnants of her scorched spell into the blood and with a twist of her fingers watched it swirl into the dark red depths. ‘All of it’ she handed it to his shaking hand and stood watching as he did as she commanded. The taste of blood was an instant crux for him, his face shifting to its true form as he gulped it down, his eyes glowing luminescent , his pretty features twisting demonically. Cora moved away keeping her distance and Leyanne could see the fear within her expression.
  ‘He won’t hurt you’ Leyanne soothed ‘he won’t have the urge to unless he tastes human blood again and then the spell will be undone’
  ‘What did you do?’ Cornel was breathless when he finally finished the last drop, some of his strength returning almost instantly, his eyes searching hers as Cora moved back to him, his face smoothing back to ethereal beauty. Teeth and flashing eyes gone.
  ‘I cured your hunger, you can now live a happy boring life on whatever animal takes your fancy and it shouldn’t impair you a whole deal.’ she smiled, taking the goblet and placing it back beside the dagger and wooden bowl.
  ‘Did you have to make it so painful?’ he laughed, holding his chest still.
  ‘No gain without pain’ she winked and walked to sit opposite the pair on a nearby couch. ‘Now where were we before that little distraction’
  ‘Really Leyanne Thank you, I can already feel a difference, you have no idea what this means to me’ he turns to Cora smiling and kissing her quickly on the cheek, his accent more prominent with his excitement. Leyanne just raised her eyebrows in acceptance and cleared her throat. Nothing in this little happy scene making a dent on her emotions.
  ‘Now….the vision….Cora?’
  ‘Umm yes’ Cora dragged her eyes from Cornel, perched on the seat beside him and focused on Leyanne ‘Thank you’
  ‘It’s a spell you should learn’ Leyanne chastised and then brushed further talk away with the wave of a hand ‘We have something to focus on now’ Cora looked a little uneasy but Leyanne ignored it, the other witches lack of skill was a common issue among most covens nowadays. ‘We need to figure out how to find this mortal before he turns proficient serial killer of super-naturals Cora’
  ‘I have been channelling a coven for a few weeks in the hopes of insight and not long after my first vision days ago I began to see something new.’
  ‘Such as?’
  ‘I can show you , here’ Cora held out her hand to Leyanne who took it gracefully. Both women leaning forward towards one another and closing eyes. ‘I think one of the coven witches must be a Seer yet she has no idea’. The women leaning in began to breathe in unison as Cora muttered a German chant connecting her memory to Leyanne.
Darkness in Leyanne’s head cleared away to a sunny cloudless blue sky as though she was laying down, she could see tall grasses on either side , the type from wild meadows scattered with tiny flowers and feel the sun on her face. Voices in the distance were calling and yelling , hard to fathom as it was so far. Sitting up in her mind’s eye she looked towards a group of men and young women across the field playing ball, they were playing a radio and drinking beer in this meadow surrounded by forests. A happy scene full of fun and laughter but one form stood out among the others. His back to her, strong wide shoulders, tall and muscular, a perfect male physique of a man in his late twenties maybe early thirties and so very familiar. His short dark hair and tanned skin on show from wearing only a t-shirt over jeans. Arms scattered with black tattoos , by the looks from here Aztec or tribal in origin. She waited for him to turn but he did not. He was watching for the ball. This was the man from her vision, the faceless Hunter, she could tell even from this distance, she could recognise his body shape, his posture, even his neck.
  ‘Tay?…. Tay?….Dante? stop ignoring me!’ a female voice insisted angrily and the tall male turned abruptly to the direction of the call. Seeing his handsome profile only briefly before Leyanne was snapped back to darkness.
  ‘It’s him , Isn’t it?’ Cora asked impatiently, her voice breaking into Leyannes thoughts.
‘I think so, the fact that you think the girl is a Seer could explain this. Seers only see present or future that is destined to be and if this man is the link to our visions then yes , it has to be him. Dante? It’s an unusual name for these parts. Could be a surname or a nickname but it’s a start.’ Leyanne released Cora’s hand and pulled over her note pad and pen writing it down.
  ‘We can start looking through the town records?’ Cora offered and Leyanne nodded
  ‘Yes we can, there was not much to go on, maybe it would help if you met this seer face to face and brought her to me. I can extract a lot more from her if I can touch her’
Cornel sat up and leaned into the fold
  ‘What can I do? I can only travel in darkness’ he was looking so much better than upon his arrival.
  ‘You can frequent those gaudy nightclubs you vamps all love to peruse and see what hunky men by the name of Dante or Tay are hanging about in’ Leyanne grinned and was met with a returned smile from Cornel
  ‘Your wish is my command’ he bowed his head obediently with a note of amusement in his eye, obviously feeling the effects of her spell.
  ‘I’ll head back to Columbus tonight and try and make contact with the coven, I will convince the seer to come with me.’ Cora stood to arrange her clothes indicating they should go.
  ‘I shall start with public records when sun is up and we shall take it from there.’ Leyanne stood as Cornel did and walked them to the hall
  ‘What happens when we find him?’ Cora asks nervously, she was not one with the stomach for death
  ‘Leave him to me, I have a nice little castle in the highlands back home with a rather gorgeous dungeon’ Leyanne grinned before showing them out.

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