Vampirism supression spell -The Cruden Tale Grimoire #2

Print or copy the upcoming spells and rituals into your very own Grimoire or Book of shadows and create a complete Cruden spell book with me.

If you are a follower of my blog series The Cruden Tale you will know that Leyanne Cruden is a witch who gains her power from the moon god Khonsu. This is a powerful spell she uses in instalment 2 to rid a vampire of his human blood lust , so for now enjoy the ritual. 

Vampirism Suppression spell

Dried ground Asafoetida

When you burn it, the smoke will clear all spirits and magic

Used to strengthen energy within a spell
 Keeps all sorts of evil and malicious entities away from you.
One of the most powerful protective plants, fights compulsion within a curse.
Clear out your negative energy and form a white light shield to enable rehabilitation.
A heavy hitter in the herb world. It’s a super-powerful protective herb known to drive demons away.
Valerian is used to purify an area of negative energy.
Ground human bone
Connects the recipient to its human side of the psyche
Dried powdered human blood
Object of ones obsession for removal
Moon water
Enhance magical workings related to the sign.
All ingredients should be dried and ground into a powder. Combine all in an earthenware bowl.
You will need the fresh blood of a forest animal, use a pure silver goblet to hold the liquid as the silver will purify the blood and work with the spell.


Free your mind and focus on the Moon God Khonsu, ask him quietly to give you the strength to carry out his work.
Repeat quietly and touch your bowl setting the ingredients alight, a cloud of black smoke should form, direct towards the vampire and make them inhale the smoke while focusing on the compulsion of human blood.
say aloud ‘Bllod separant libidine sanguinem sitientem ad necessitatem et indigentiam, et famem, ad famem, fit de vita, vitae’

Now pour the remnants of scorched powder into the blood and stir. Make the vampire drink every drop immediately while still warm. They will experience a great pain through out the spell and once recovered after drinking the urge to feed from humans will be under control. The spell will be broken by taking a drink of human blood.

Cornel is cured from his human blood lust,

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