Destined To Be His Wife

I don’t know if you have been keeping tabs on my social media but I am on a genre break, so working on a book I was contracted to write before Awakening took off the ground. This one is now more than halfway through done and features on quite a few reading apps. I will be returning to the next Awakening spin off book soon so enjoy this in the stop gap.

The Chapters are updated daily, so you can read along as it is created or catch up with what we have so far. We are on Chapter 43 right now. As usual I also have it on Wattpad for the lovers on there.

What is it about?

So don’t be put off with the fact this is an Asian based romance, because readers who have given it a go, have fallen in love. Modern day setting, with the backdrop of Shanghai elite.

TangShi is a girl without much luck in the world. Despised by her father after her mother died giving birth to her, she has grown up in a cold and unloving environment and hated by her stepmother. Blamed for things she could never control and treated as an outcast by her own blood. Forced to come home after finally escaping to school on a self achieved scholarship abroad, she is promised to the son of the Leng family. To create a beneficial business alliance to further her own father’s greed in the corporate world. Only YuZhi Leng is as unwilling as she is, with a girlfriend already in place that he adores and no desire to honor the contract put in place – to produce an heir in the first year of marriage and solidify the two families union. TangShi must bear living as a third wheel in this unwanted life and accept or be thrown aside by her family. Until upon meeting, she realizes that YuZhi may not be the stranger to her she thought he was and recognizes him on sight. Could he be the man she met eight years ago at a masked ball, who swept her off her feet and made her feel alive, and yet left her heartbroken that fateful night? A rollercoaster of a marriage is about to be embarked upon.

Where to read it?

On wattpad – for free, but if you love to support me by paying for your reads then it’s on a dozen reading apps. Anywhere you read Awakening, you will find this too.


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