Hello all!

It’s been forever since I did a post on here because I have been crazy busy. A lot has happened and this past few months, a lot of changes to the distributions of my books too have been orchestrated. Personal life was a bit iffy, with lots of health issues, and my kids went through a bit of a tough time. I feel like we are finally starting to come out the other side (touch wood) and life should get a bit more organised form here on in.

So I will keep this brief. Firstly we have finally finished Awakening book 1 and 2 and can be found on various reading apps, as well as Wattpad and book 1 on amazon kindle. Don’t worry though, as there will be future spin off books related to them, just not from Alora’s POV.

Both looking pretty with new covers!! Today we updated the kindle and paperback so they have an all new and shiny look inside and have been re-edited.

My newest ongoing project can also be found on Wattpad and various reading apps – Destined to be his wife. A contract Asian marriage story set in Shanghai. It’s really different to anything I have written so far but it’s enjoyable and a good break after such a long and heavy Werewolf romance.

I was needing a new challenge and a new trope to break the habit of writing Awakening and shake up my style a bit.

You can find it in progress on a list of reading apps and Wattpad.

I have so many books planned in the coming months so keep updated by checking back on my social media!!


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