Just a quick blog to let you know what has been happening in my world.

The last month I have been painstakingly going through the first 6 books in Carrero, removing niggles, and errors, and polishing them a little more. There were many things about those books which drove me mad, overuse of a phrase, or word, and I have addressed some of them. Also had a sweep for editing errors that were missed despite previous professional editing . They have been put back up on Amazon, but will undergo a final edit (again), just to be double sure, when my current editor catches up, and after that will have a pushed update to all kindles.

We are giving away a book a month free so the best way to update for now is to delete your copies on kindle as free ones come up, and replace them. To do so you have to go onto your Amazon account and remove them at the contents and devices source. This takes a few hours to wipe off your account on kindle and enables you to download a new fresh copy. Book 3 will be free on October 1st.

I have also added the Leila’s party scene in Arry’s POV, the one in the garden where he confesses his love, and it is now also live.

We have also uploaded paperbacks of all the missing books to date as we were inundated with requests about Carrero Heart paperbacks for months, and have got them up so you can grab them.

This week I am polishing and padding Awakening book 1 to get it on Amazon, which is proving to be a mammoth task as I only ever published a rough draft on Wattpad. It is sitting at 500 pages currently and will be a little longer by the time I am done. After this book , I plan on immediately starting a new book!!!

Finally back to getting things done

I have two more Carrero trilogies planned, Alexi’s POV, Awakening 2, a standalone, and I’m going to finish the first Cruden book. I have no plans to quit Carrero yet or in the near future.

Hope that clears things up. xx

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