June’s Free Knitting Pattern – Large Sunflower (Early I know)

A lovely lady on Facebook was kind enough to send me a picture for a group on Facebook called The Big Neighborhood Sunflower Project and suggested I do something to go with last months rainbow pattern.

Now sunflowers happen to be one of my all time favourite flowers and I was so inspired by the group and it’s injection of bold colourful happiness every day that I designed an easy knit to adorn your windowsills.

This can be made as a full flower with stem or simply as a head that can be hung up or sewn to something.

I found the best way to display mine is a can filled with gravel where it can nestle in, covered in some felt (or you could knit another center piece and cover the can top. I up-cycled a baked bean can with some spray paint and fabric for a custom pot, but I think a real terracotta pot would look gorgeous too.

Well enjoy the pattern and feel free to share this page with whatever groups or such you like. You can find all the other free patterns here.

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