Let’s talk about Caroline …

If you are on social media then you have probably seen the viral shares concerning the sad parting of TV presenter Caroline Flack who took her life yesterday. It’s a turbulent tale with many layers and heartbreaking to boot, because at the end of the day, a person with documented mental health issues felt they had no other option.

There are many people torn over her untimely death, feeling that it is hypocritical to mourn her due to the fact she was awaiting trial for domestic violence against her partner Lewis Burton in a an incident in 2019. These are valid grievances with the attitude, if she were a man people would not be sad over her passing. I can completely see why many are choosing to pass on leaving kind messages or be sad at the fact. I understand the outrage.

We don’t condone domestic violence but something about the whole situation just does not sit right . I feel we are yet to learn of the bigger picture and should not convict someone before the whole picture is put into focus. I am a staunch supporter of believing victims, no matter the gender and I do not want to tar anyone without hearing the entire truth. I believe whatever that truth is, it will come out.

Friends, this is where your humanity needs to come into play over your outrage. Please remember; this was someones child, sister, aunt, friend…. girlfriend. They are in pain and that is where most of our sympathy is going. We cannot forget they are innocent and did not deserve to lose a loved one. Regardless of what the press has crucified her for, there are real lives tormented by what has taken place.

No human, regardless of what they are accused of deserves to be hounded and brutalised by the press and social media to the point they feel their only option is death. The law is there to punish people and put in place so town mobbing became a thing of the past. So we could put down our pitchforks.

Cancel culture is toxic and online bullying destroys lives. Not even the infamous Amber Heard for what she has done to Johnny Depp should be pushed to the point where she is compelled to escape by using death. We are not judge and jury. We are not the ones who get to decide what happens to her.

Our hearts go out to Caroline’s family, friends and that same man many are claiming to defend in being cruel about her passing – he is publicly declaring his broken heart at her passing. The man who had every reason to no longer support or love her if claims are true. Respect and care about him, if not her.

The fact is, no one knows what has gone on or what happened then, or in between with them. There are so many rumours and gaps in the stories the media was putting out for months. There are people abusing Lewis, and claiming he was a narcissistic manipulator who pushed her over the edge with cheating. There are already theories doing circles on the internet about who was abusing who and some who think it was an isolated episode of mental health and a thwarted suicide attempt. Pictures of her blood all over a bed, leaked by the media and were confirmed by Lewis to be hers – not his. Although the Sun newspaper claimed differently.

Meanwhile, Lewis’s constant public support of her, defending her name and claiming the stories are lies were all due to be brought to the open in March. He continues to defend her even in death and after forced separation. Lewis publicly declared his love to his girlfriend on valentines day, despite not being legally allowed to have contact before the trial. He didn’t even break up with her during that time.

Now many may say it’s a symptom of abuse, to defend your abuser and stick with them against all odds. And it is, and this may be. Some say he is the abuser…. but please just stop. I understand, I do and I too had so many thoughts when the news broke. My knee jerk reaction was to not take anything at face value, especially in the wake of the Johnny Depp slandering. That should teach us to reserve judgement and do less damage. Did the Amber and Johnny scenario teach people nothing about committing someone to perjury before any truths were brought to light? What it is to condemn and spread malicious lies before truth is revealed.

Let the families grieve and find their own truth in their own time. Only those who know what happened and knew and loved them both, really know the truth. Enough damage has been done to these peoples lives. Suicide doesn’t just affect the person who is gone – it has a massive impact on all the lives she touched. You can see the effects rippling through all of them. Her best friend has been shattered by this.

No matter what has gone on, put it aside and let the people left in the carnage pick up the pieces of their lives. Even the family of convicted criminals deserve to have some compassion when their family member is executed. It’s not a hard concept.

What we should be doing is rallying together as a society to stop this from ever happening again. To stop the slew of hate affecting lives in the way it has done for the last decade. Too many celebrities have given their lives up to escape their own pain, pushed by lies, smear campaigns and incessant hounding. We teach our children not to bully and yet sit and do the exact thing on social media under the guise of ‘it’s just an opinion’

We should be holding the torch lighters of harassment accountable for the daily part they play in this mess. The Meghan chasers, the Johnny slayers – the British PRESS. The instigators.

The British press in recent decades has become a cold and weaponised toxic tool, used to sell stories that have little connection to truth. Sensationalising, hounding and humiliating people. Some whose crimes are not even gossip worthy. The media has become cut throat and no better than a braying mob calling for hangings and public beheadings. They victimise and destroy peoples lives. They influence and turn innocents , marrying for love into demon, gold digging callous controlling villains. They are the true villains here and have been deflecting their poising for the longest time. Modern master villains.

We feed them, we help them grow. We are all responsible for our part in this monster we have all created, so now we need to stop this before we lose more lives in their wake.

Sign the petition below. Stop buying your papers today and cancel subscriptions to online tabloids. People can make a difference when we unite our voices and say enough is enough.

“This campaign is calling on our Government to launch an inquiry into the British press and their practices following the maltreatment of those in the public eye including; Caroline Flack, Harry and Meghan Markle, to name a few. The headlines, harassment and trial by media has to end and they must be held accountable. “

I completely support, signed and shared this petition because it has gone on too long and helps poison our society. We are all guilty of feeding into it and I want to draw a line today under this issue and make a stand against the way they are left free reign to destroy people.
The news used to have integrity and was a tool to keep the world informed of real crimes and events. It used to have a code and journalists once respected. It wasn’t a money hungry attention seeking playground bully, looking for likes and sales.

The government need to put a leash on the harm their words can cause. Especially when so many people do not have the intelligence to form their own non biased opinions or see through fake news. They have a duty and a position of power they have long abused.


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