Help Raise funds for Rural Fire Brigades of QLD and NSW.

Hi Everyone (Feel free to copy and paste to your own blogs and social media to help spread it xx)

I just wanted to post that Beyond the Pages are hosting an online Book Auction 24-27 January with all proceeds going to the Rural Fire Brigades of QLD and NSW.

For our overseas friends Australia is currently facing some of its worst bushfires the country has seen. We have millions of acres of land on fire, animals and habits have been lost, properties damaged and lives lost. Our brave rural firefighters are out there 24/7 trying to fight these fires and they have minimal resources.

We would appreciate if anyone could share and raise interest for the event. We have raised $430 so far with a local lunch raffle but are now opening it up to the online community.

We have received donations from Authors Australia and NZ wide as well as cash donations to auction off a kindle and gift cards. We will be posting pictures of the auction lots soon. All books are signed by the author and any cash donations towards our auction can be sent a tax receipt.

For any further information please click on the original post or feel free to PM me.

Please also join us at Beyond The Pages Australia and Beyond The Pages Worldwide to be kept up to date with our auction results.

Kind regards
Kellie Josephs

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