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It’s not often I open emails that look mass sent and spammy but in this case I am glad I did. I had an email from whom I assume are one of the creators of Book Luver and found myself registering for the book version of Pinterest with great excitement.

I am a pinterest fiend so imagine my delight that I can have a book only version that is filled with book loving browsers.

The email – should you also want to join!!

Hi L.T.Marshall

I wanted to introduce you to Book Luver, a reading community for readers to connect to authors. Here’s five book marketing activities that may interest you.

Book Marketing Acitivities

1. List your book onto Book Luver at no charge to you. You can feature one or all of your books for our readers to find, and you can also create book boards with different imagery you include in your writing, book cover reveals and your book trailers. Here’s a help link:

2. If you would like to have a literary agent read your completed unpublished manuscript or have a literary scout and a film producer see your book for a film option, you may want to enter our 2020 Awards.

3. Add sample chapters or your reader magnet book to our very popular Freebies area. Sample chapters are a great way to introduce new readers to your books and if they like them, you get a book sale. And if you ask them to subscribe to download the chapters you also get a new subscriber. The same goes for your reader magnet. Find out more:

** In December we are running an advertising campaign to 1000K new readers. If your chapters or book is listed, those new visitors may download it!

4. Grow your mailing list with a newsletter insertion or a genre giveaway with the potential of gaining thousands of new subscribers on your mailing list. Our subscribers are avid readers and the last thriller we promoted received 930 clicks.

5. Get reviews with our new Book Review Club launching early in 2020. Over the past year we have been asking readers to leave reviews for various books and found them ‘eager’ and ‘wanting more’ plus they are responsive in leaving reviews. Register your interest in our Book Review Club to be notified when our club launches.

There are lots more we haven’t listed so you can join our Authors Facebook Group to find out more, or subscribe to our authors mailing list and keep an eye on Book Luver For Authors.

If there is anything you would like to ask, please contact me, Paula Wynne ~ Founder.

My profile – I need some friends!!!

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