Last video this month for

I am wrapping up my videos for Beebeecraft with this final cute and quick jewellery. Combining some easy resin craft with the beading kits for a novelty wear that is perfect for xmas day.
With few supplies added to what I received. Here’s the video

Check out the other videos which are all posted on my blog and on my YouTube channel.

Extra supplies besides the Beebeecraft kits
Metal snowflake charms
Christmas stickers
Snowflake sequins
Mastercast 121 resin
Star charms
Nail art stars

My final thoughts on using these products.

I absolutely love the kits and the selection that I picked out. There are so many more designs I could use these in and there is so much left they will definitely be joining my craft stash to be used in all future projects. I went for a pretty basic selection , knowing I wanted to make several themed projects and hope that they were enjoyable and helpful.
I loved the quality of the beads I picked, the findings are decent, no peeling and seem a pretty substantial strength for their purpose. All too often some of the overseas supplies can be sub par but these are worth the wait. Excellent in terms of pricing and the company was a joy to deal with. No hassle, no fuss.
Overall I am a happy crafter. I have no complaints at all.
Will I be using the website again? Yes. I already have a wish list of 100 plus items that i just ‘have to’ have. I would definitely do another package and review for them and encourage you to mosy on over and check out their goodies.


The BeeBeeCraft FB page

Their Pinterest

Their Instagram

Their Youtube

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