Parents Beware.

This is an awareness post for parents who frequent parks with their children to be extra diligent. Please check the equipment before using it. There are some sick people in the world.

Today at around 2pm-ish my partner took my daughter and the dog to the park nearby to give the dogs some exercise. When they got there it started raining so they went for the little slide shelter to climb inside until it passed.

My partner sliced it open very badly on something placed just inside on a part where most kids would grab onto.

You can see for yourself here …

He managed to get the blade out, despite bleeding like a loon. Something he said took a lot of effort as it had been knocked in so firmly and he returned home, where I insisted that he call the police.
He is currently at the A and E because this is so deep they want to Xray it and he has to be seen by plastic surgery today. He may need surgery.

Imagine if this was a little child’s hand!

My partner has pretty big and rough hands, he works hands on as a joiner, has a lot of very tough skin and muscle and it’s done a lot of damage. A child’s hand would have been so much worse.

The park picturing the slide where the blade was wedged. My partner showing off his stitched wound.

Who does this? Why would you do this?

We have contacted the police, the local council and spread the word to our local village community group. The council are currently fully inspecting the park for anymore to make sure it was a one off but judging by some of the comments on his FB post, this is more common than we realise.
My partner will live but who knows what filth was on that blade.

This was Scotland. Wester Inch village in Bathgate, which is a pretty new and lovely place to live normally. Lot’s of bought houses and really nice people and yet here we are. Some arsehole thinks this is funny. Sick , sick people.

Check your parks before letting your kids use them. This has made me sick to my stomach today and I won’t be letting mine go there without me from now on.


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