Carrero Free Promo Schedule

Hey hey, I wanted to pop by and drop this schedule in here for any who have decided to download book 1 in my promo this week. In the next few months you can get the whole series one by one , almost like joining a monthly book reading club, simply by saving the schedule for the free download coming up on amazon every month. 
If you like gritty topics and romance with a touch of realism and flawed protagonists, then Carrero is for you. 
There is also an accompanying free online magazine and issue 1 is currently out, all about the first 3 books (Jake and Emma)
I would love to hear from those who are reading my books, or have read them already xx Links are below the image.

••💛 The Carrero Series by L.T Marshall 💛••
A romance spanning generations…

The Carrero Effect – The Promotion, Book 1 from The Carrero Series is #FREE! From December 1st – 5th..
Get immersed in a series that you don’t want to get out of, today!!

🔸️Purchase Link:

Also available in the Carrero Series
🔸Jake and Emma
Book 2 –
Book 3 –

🔸Arrick and Sophie
Book 4 –
Book 5 –
Book 6 –

🔸️Alexi and Camilla
Book 7 –
Book 8 –

🔸The Carrero Series Bonus Books

Jake’s view –

Arrick’s view –


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