The Carrero Series book 8 – Preorder is live!



🔸The Carrero Contract – Amending Agreements🔸
The Carrero Series, Book 8
by L.T Marshall
Releasing September 30th

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Camilla Walters finds herself on the outside of Alexi Carrero’s world after he sets her loose. Following a dramatic end to their roller coaster relationship and is trying to start over again.
She’s healing, wounded and low, but with determination to get back on her feet as fast as she can.
Fate takes a turn one awful night, and leads her straight back to the door of the people she swore never to rely on again, pulling her back into the world in which she had run away from. The Carrero world and the man who broke her.
Like magnets drawn to one another it is obvious their story is not over yet.
Will Camilla ever be able to forget the past and what he did to make her hate him? Can she ever trust Alexi Carrero?

Catch up on Camilla and Alexi’s story now…
💛 The Carrero Contract – Selling Your Soul 💛
The Carrero Series, Book 7

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'Alexi is like a drug. You despise what it does to you, you hate yourself for needing it, you know it will destroy your life and turn you into something you don't recognize anymore. Yet

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