The Carrero Magazine Is Coming!!

We have something brewing in the works for my fan base that I hope you are going to love!!!

An exciting quarterly online magazine that will be free to all. You can join the mailing list to make sure you never miss the new issues and we are aiming to have the first one out in October, to coincide with another very awesome event – Carrero Week!! (more info on that in the near future.)

Join My Mailing list 

We have been brainstorming on what to give you that would just add value to the series as a whole in between books, and I can give you a sneak peek of what we have coming.

Carrero Magazine (3).png

You will be able to access the 14 page magazine on an online site and it is shareable for anyone who has friends who might want it. We will keep you updated on release, and to give you an idea of contents – here is the intro page sneak peak to wet your appetite.

Click here to see where the magazine will live!

Carrero Magazine (2).png

The magazines will then live in an archive, so you can catch up with all editions, save them to your device and even print them off. ( We will possibly move to print copies on demand) That’s four Magazines a year, of exclusive content for the ever loyal Carrero Fans !!!  Insight into Carreroland!


To send in Fan Letters, Agony Aunt letters, Ask The Author, or other suggestions for the magazine – you can use our online form , which has an ANON option .


Or you can email us at

Carrero Magazine (3).png

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