Guest Author … please welcome πŸ–€ L.T. Marshall πŸ–€ (#thecarreroeffect)

Awesome , thanks so much


Cast your mind back, if you will, and you may recall my enjoyment reading this novel. It is Book 1 in a series known as The Carrero Effect.

I even took the book to Portugal with me .. I needed to keep up with the story, Remember that post?

I invited the author, LT Marshall, to join me and answer some questions I devised after I finished the book, which left me a quivering wreck following months of chemistry build-up between the two main characters, an incredible sex scene when they finally allowed themselves to cross the threshold and much soul-searching on the part of Emma, following a traumatic past.

So engaged with the characters was I by the end, that the cliffhanger LT Marshall wrote for the end of Book 1 – with the two main characters heartbreakingly unable to even speak to each other – left…

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