Sexy Carrero Samples from Outfox


Imagine my utter surprise at opening a package and finding a treasure trove of metal Carrero merchandise!!!

I was so in love I just had to share this with all of you. 

In the piccy are the following –

Metal window hanger

single sided business card, and double sided business card

Magnet card



All prices can be found on their shop, but for larger quantities, then send them a message for their PDF price list. They have a huge list of items and this is only a very small selection.

The fab makers over at OuTFox Printing  sent me this goody bag of lovelies, after seeing me on Instagram, showing off some swanky printed bookmarks and decided they could do even better. They sent me this gift to show me their metal items that will never wear out and give me more options in terms of merchandise I can have for my books.
I am so overjoyed with this little batch.

If you are looking for some swanky printed metal merch, then I recommend heading over to them and giving a little knock on the old shop door. Well actually, it’s more like a message via social media, but you know what I mean. Not only are these items super good quality, and very clear print, they are also really cool and the envy of all my fans. I have had to shield them from fan thievery lol. If you are all lucky little peeps then I may be putting together a little giveaway very soon and a few of these gorgeous things will be in the bundle.

OuTFox Website 

OuTFox on Etsy 

OuTFox on Facebook 

OuTFox on Twitter!!





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