The fans asked…. I answered

I get a lot of questions on a daily basis across social media and via my contact forms. So every so often I like to compile them and do a post like this to answer the most common and repetitive questions, as well as some of the more unique. I love hearing from you and fully encourage interaction on any of my social media platforms. I try to reply to everyone who takes the time to contact me.

👯 These are some of the questions asked in January.


👯 What’s the answer to the meaning of life??

To be happy. In whatever that way is for you. Following your dreams and goals and finding a happiness within yourself that only belongs to you.


👯 Here’s my question… have you always been crafty? You have a ton of things you make… is this something you always did or picked up as an adult?

I have always been very artistic and crafty. As long as I can remember, sort of hand in hand with writing. I learned to knit at the age of four and was already an avid drawer at a very early age. I am someone who likes to learn too, so my crafts have all been self taught over the years and developed.

👯  I know you’ve probably been asked this before but I can’t see an answer. Will there be more books for the others in the Carrero clan after Arrick? (Please say yes )

I have already planned the next 7 Carrero books, so as long as I don’t suddenly become tired and frustrated with Carreroland then there should be a lot more books in the future. Book 6, the wrap up to Arrick and Sophie is coming soon and after that Alexi Carrero takes centre stage.

👯 Do you speak fluent in Italian?

Hahha, no I do not and my attempts are cringe worthy. I grew up with Italian relatives and friends and only know the basics. I had to rely on friends for some of the dialogue in the books.

👯  How did you come up with your characters names?

I just picked names I liked. A range of places I heard them from and some were just sexy sounding, or right for the person . Sometimes like plot-lines, names just come at me sporadically when thinking of a certain character and I rarely change them. I have no idea which part of my subconscious has saved those names but it works for me.

👯 Why did you decide to set Carrero in New York, and not the UK? Also why Italian heritage? 

I adore New York and have a lifelong ambition to go for a long trip there. I love the accents, the people, and have a lot of New Yorker friends on social media. The city is amazing visually and has so many diverse cultures.
I wanted a fantasy story set far away from my everyday reality, one with money and lavish locations, and as I grew up knowing Italians and find them to be very attractive people with a lot of traditions, I decided it would work for New York. There  seems to be a great many American Italians and the mob twist within the city works for what the Carrero family are.

👯 When will winter end?

In terms of the baron winter of waiting for my next book? Or the miserable Scottish winter I seem to be stuck in. Goodness knows, but I hope it is soon haha

👯 You are obviously creative , does it make you happy that you are back into writing a new Carrero book?

Yes, I am always my happiest when I am writing through a Carrero book, especially in the expanding stage where it all starts to come together. That is where I am with book 6. I love the books as much as the fans do and miss being in their world when I am not writing. It means as much to me to get back in there and I hope to never run out of Carrero ideas.


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