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Join my Facebook Fan Group and join all the other crazy women who spend time talking, chilling, and laughing at many topics within my group. It’s not just a place for talking books, or even just MY books. It’s a friendly zone to ogle hot men, talk life, share book recommendations and meet other Carrero fans. It’s a place to make friends and stick around, even when between books.

#TeamJake (3)

💛The group rules!!

💛Join my mailing list – http://eepurl.com/dcAhLH  for extras.
💛Be nice to one another, although not too much, as we encourage cheekiness, naughtiness, and gif wars. We also encourage book chat and spoilers, and all things Carrero.
💛18 plus group, so post as many sexy half naked men as you like. Chat about anything you want, share book links if you think the group will like, and generally treat this like your naughty chill out zone.
💛Admin sometimes use the L.T.Marshall profile, or their own, so you may be confused for a bit. There are around 5 admin in and out at all times.
💛Suzie is my PA, say hi. If you want to get involved in promo, or help with other authors, then head her way – she runs review crews for many.
💛New members get a free PDF of book 1 if they do not have it, perk of the group – so ask if you do not have.
💛Invite people you think will like the books and enjoy this group. Interact and generally make friends with the other weirdos.
💛If anyone in the group upsets you, content offends , or generally feel you have an issue , then please approach myself or any of the admin in PM. We will do our best to help and keep this group a happy place to be.
The main admin in this group is Gem Hayton.
💛You can also approach – Jackie, Grace, Victoria, Shirin, Suzie or myself.
💛I pop in and out, often chat and play along. (Yes, I accept friends requests)

💛Universal book links 

Book 1 – myBook.to/TheCarreroEffect
Book 2 – myBook.to/CarreroInfluence
Book 3 – myBook.to/CarreroSolution
Book 4 – myBook.to/CarreroHeart1
Book 5 – myBook.to/CarreroHeart2
Jakes POV – myBook.to/JakesPOV
Arrick’s view! Pre-order – myBook.to/ArricksView
Just Rose – getBook.at/JustRose

💛Playlists for all the books –