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🤵 So this past week Amazon linked the first two bonus books as an official series, so I guess this sets the tone of more to come from future men, right? It is now officially known as The Carrero Bonus Book Series – CBB !


💛🖤💛 myBook.to/BonusBookSeries 


I know there are some who do not understand the concept of these extra books, and there has been one or two very negative reviews on them on Amazon  and Goodreads . (Yes, I do read reviews, and listen to constructive criticism.)  So I will break it down for you.

The bonus books are Mega-Fan requests, and really meant for someone who WANTS, or NEEDS, more insight on the male protagonist. They document his struggle internally, his reasoning and thoughts in scenes where fans could not really get inside his head and understand his actions. The idea of these books is to have a wider understanding of the whole situation.

They are just bonus excerpts. They are also a nice collectors edition if you are a fan who loves to own every single Carrero release in it’s entirety.

The bonus books are not my choice, they are yours… by constant request, and every chapter wherein was picked by the fans,  on my Facebook Author page  , Blog , and the Fan group . They are selected chapters from the male POV (point of view). I never selected any of the chapters myself, and therefore, they may seem repetitive in nature, but by no means planned that way.

🤵 I aim to please my followers.

They are NOT a must read, they are to compliment the main books and I suggest you break up the book by reading the original chapter and then the male chapter, then repeat. It helps you get into the emotion and bypass the way it butts up into one another. I found some readers love to read the entire books again and stop at each scene to read a male POV between, that way they have so much more depth to what is happening in that moment. Which really is the point to these books. They are a complimentary edition, not a story or a read all in one go type of book.

🤵 Favourite chapters, from your favourite men.

The books can also contain fun extras which have been popular from my blog and really a way to keep these posts in your collection. Interviews, bonus stories.


🤵 Some common comments 

#TeamJake (3)

🤵 Rehashing same emotions – Well actually, it may come across that way in terms of the male emotional agony, but you see. When you take single key chapters of high emotion upon request, and butt them together; you take away all the in between story – so yes, you do tend to get an entire book of one sided male trauma and all the things he regrets. That’s the nature of jumping story and scenes to only get HIS thoughts in important parts. As I repeat – these chapters are requested by YOU, you can help choose them too.

I can only work to the requested list and usually, fans only want his emotional agony. Not the normal every day in between stuff, like taking a shower and going to work, or a bar.

🤵 I never got to see parts I wanted – it’s a bonus book and really only made by request. If you want something new or different then you can vote like the other fans do on my blog , page , group , or contact form . I encourage you all to start making suggestions for each book, so when I get to this stage I have a list of most popular. You have to reach out to be heard, and I encourage your votes.

  💛🖤💛Email me – enquiries@ltmarshall.blog 


🤵 We want the entire books, instead of chapters. – sadly that would take away a huge amount of time on writing more books in the series, and as much as I like to give you brief insight into my men’s heads. I find the bonus books exhausting, and a little tedious. I am restricted in my creativity as I have to match up dialogue and actions, scenes and events. It means I have to constantly check across books and make sure I do not deviate from how things went down, and this takes far longer than writing from a fresh new scene. Entire POV books would become a chore and I would not be happy to write anything that I am not crazy about.

 💛🖤💛 Why fans love them

It takes a certain kind of special

🤵 I need more Carrero in my life – The bonus books fill a gap when awaiting a new release. Die hard fans inhale everything Carrero and crave any new snippets in any form. the bonus books fill a need when I simply cannot rush out a new book upon request.

🤵 I need to understand why – a lot of readers have issues getting into a male head, or train of thought, and often get upset at his reaction or action in dramatic scenes. I have been told these books really change their whole outlook on all of that, and helps them understand the characters on a far deeper level – getting inside his head when you think he never cared. It can explain so much more with a new perspective.

🤵 Seeing HER through HIS eyes – fans love this nice change, as you not only get more insight on the men, but you get to see our heroine in a fresh light. Descriptions that you maybe do not get from her own POV – what he thinks of her, and really a whole new look at her as a person from the outside this time.


🤵 What the fans say.

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🤵 Some quotes from you lot on why you love them. Generally the bonus books get 5 star reviews.


💛🖤💛 ‘If it’s a series that you love, why wouldn’t you want more? Bonus books/chapters can give you more depth into a character.. There may have been a part in a story where to you want to know more – a bonus book can give you that.. Like an epilogue, only better’ 


💛🖤💛 ‘When you wonder why the male characters made a stupid decision or why the hell they did what they did; the bonus books shed a light on the perspective. They also help keep the story fresh in your mind between the main series, if you’re waiting a while between releases. It would be pointless the whole book being done in POV from the alternate character, as the story is still the same, and you would probably miss the answers you originally wanted xx’


 💛🖤💛 ‘The POVs- Reading the other side of both Jake and Arry gives you insight into their souls and intimate feelings that neither had shared in depth in the book. I love the bonus chapters as for me it completed the whole story that was told to that point.’
💛🖤💛 ‘I love the bonus books; so much angst, and emotion and insight. I wanted to know what he felt, why he made the decisions he did, and the bonus books do that for me. I love to read them in between the chapters they are for, and it really makes you see how one situation can be misinterpreted by one point of view. I love them and have them all on my bookshelf.’


💛🖤💛 ‘I love the POV’s, because it is always interesting to seeing the other side of certain situations. It makes key scenes even more poignant. It aids my understanding of the characters seing how each person thinks and acts.’


💛🖤💛 ‘A pov of a character gives you that insight to moments when you are wondering what is going through there mind to make such decisions, it adds so much more depth to the characters and makes them that more relatable.’
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