My week on The fiction Cafe book club!!! And a giveaway!

 This week I have the great honour of being the featured author of the week in my favourite Facebook book club.
A previous post that I did on the club, opened you to the joys of this group, and I am so ecstatic to tell you that I am there all week, storming their walls and ending up with a live video on Sunday 14rth January !!!
You have to be in the group to actually attend the live and give my name on the entry questions. Once in you can follow my posts or just interact in the normal activity of the group.

A summary of my week

A full, no rules, let loose week, of me being allowed to put my promo all over the group at any time I choose, and I stick around to answer your questions. Be prepared for lots of posts and book intro’s, fun and chatter.
Weird fact Wednesday – a post put up about me by admin with a weird fact and interactive question.
That will run all week and be drawn at my live event.
The prize is the first three books of my series , the three following Jake and Emma in The Carrero series and will be given to you in PDF format.
Contemporary Romance and for those eighteen and above.

The Carrero Effect, The Carrero Influence and The Carrero Solution all by me L.T.Marshall
You have to be in the group to enter!!!
 And then my finale live video, in which I answer all the questions you have left for me and a chance to have some live interaction. That will wrap up my week long takeover of the book club wall.

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