The Carrero Brothers talk Tattoos…. character interviews.

Our Exclusive chat with the infamous Carrero Brothers!! New York’s billionaire duo of hotties, running an empire and making waves in their own rights as businessmen, cover models, and champion fighters.
Fans begged, bribed and blew us many kisses to secure this interview, and we can now deliver the answers to all your burning questions.
Jacob and Arrick Carrero, known as Jake and Arry to friends, family, and adoring followers. Listed in the top 20 of America’s billionaire families. Heirs to the huge Carrero Corporation, owning a fleet of spa cruisers, luxury hotels, fitness and health spas, and products.

Both brothers have an impressive amount of black ink and we want to delve in about their choices. And of course, we kept them shirtless for the duration!

At what age did you get your first tattoo?
Jake – I was too young, probably around fifteen, I can’t remember exactly. Pretty sure I was drunk, probably… (He grins, as does his brother.)
Arry – I was twenty, and drunk….some idiot brother of mine convinced me that I was a wuss for not having started on them yet. Pretty sure that was borderline bullying, but, he started me on an addiction.
What was it?
Jake – This one (Jake points to a tribal symbol on his left shoulder, it wraps around his bicep) I remember it was on the wall of the tattoo parlour, friends egging me on and I was just like ..That one. I didn’t care, I was drunk.
Arry – Mines here. (Points to one under his collar bone, a swirling tribal patch hidden among the mass on his peck) I was more decisive, picked something I could live with and could add too. No idea what it means, just liked the shape.
What the meanings behind them, if any ?
Jake – Some of mine are symbols with meanings, some are quotes and prophecies for stages in my life. And some of them mean nothing. I just liked how they looked with the rest.
Arry – I’m the same, each has a meaning in a  way but only a couple have any real specific meaning to me. For example the cluster of stars on my arm signify every fight win I have had in my career.
What is your favourite tattoo? Do any hold special significance?
Jake – This one. (He turns his forearm to show a list of names, simple, yet a flowing script, starting at his wrist)
My wife and my kids. I add to it every time we have another. I like it in a  place I can see it, keeps me sane when I’m stressed out and there they are, at a glimpse. The names that mean everything to me.
Arry – One over my heart which means ‘little warrior’ and this new addition (he points out a puzzle piece on his inner wrist of his left hand, small and completely black save for an S in the middle.) Both of them belong to my girlfriend, and she knows why.
Do you have plans for more?
Jake – Always… I get one anytime the itch comes over me and I have plenty space to fill before Emma barrs me from more. (both brothers laugh)
Arry – I started creeping across my waist and back, but not sure I will keep adding once I fill up one side. I don’t want to end up looking like my brother. He’s convinced I want to be him already. (Jake laughs and Arry just eye rolls with a smile)
Why are they all black, are you both allergic to colour?
Jake – Black is where it is at. My favourite look. Colour is overrated.
Arry – Pretty sure I just liked how it looked on him and never questioned it.. maybe I do want to be my brother. (he smirks at Jake, who grins back knowingly)
Jake – You do! I’m epic.
Arry – Modest too. (Arry eye rolls again)
Do you have a favourite Tattoo parlour?
Arry – Jesus, now this is really going to sound like I want to be him. I know we both use the same shop in New York.
Jake – Admit it and this will be a whole lot easier. I know it, you know it.

Arry – Asshole (both men just smirk at one another and sigh)
Arry – Village Tattoo on Bleecker street, New York. it’s where it’s at.
Jake – Yup… We both use Leo.
Arry – Not because of you though, he’s just good at what he does.
Jake – Because of me…
Arry – Asshole. 
Do you have any future planned tattoo’s?
Jake – Arry wants an ‘I love Jake’ Tattoo on his peck..the clear side, in a red heart. 
Arry – I can kick you in the face from here, you know? (Jake laughs and shoves his brother in the shoulder, who retaliates and both men laugh)
Jake – I want more kids so I can have more names. Not sure the wife is on board yet. I also want something that’s just for her, maybe a quote or some sort of symbol. Somewhere only she gets to see. (Jake winks naughtily)
Arry – Nothing planned yet, but my girl knows that when we get married I want a band on my left hand, ring finger. I can’t wear a ring when I fight, so I want something permanent that I don’t take off.
Jake – That’s kinda cute….. should I start calling you Arrybelle from now on, little sister.
Arry – Fuck off ass hole, you just said you were tattooing your dick for Emma.
Jake – Yeah, with an arrow and this way sweetheart above it. (Jake turns to interviewer) Do not print that, she will cut them off.
Arry – Print it…I’ll video tape her reaction and give it to you.
(both men laugh and push at one another again)
Last question boys, this has been fun …but… Our followers want to know. Are either of you planning on full nude posing in any future Tats issues, together, for ink viewing of course?

Jake – Arry can only wish. What with being a love sick little girl for his big brother.
Arry – You’re sick in the head.
Jake – Yeah but you still idolise me, so it obviously works.

Arry – I think I hate you.

Jake – Closest thing to strong love you know?
Arry – I do hate you.
Jake – Don’t be like that baby, we can cuddle later.
Arry – I WILL kick you in the face.
Jake – I know you’re into that. (Jake winks and Arry just sighs and eye rolls our way)
Arry – Please ignore my brother, he was dropped on his head as a kid, daily.
Jake – He doesn’t mean it, he’s just upset for outing him. (Jake winks at his brother and both men burst out laughing)

Well fans, as much as I hate to leave you hanging. We really need to let the brothers go. If you have more questions for our gorgeous duo be sure to comment below.

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