Letters to Leanne – Agony aunt weekly. #4

I have always been someone that people have asked advice of, since an early age. I became known for my level headed outlook on life and was trusted in all manner of personal issues. I have a lot of life experience, and my honest attitude, logical way of seeing any scenario meant that over the years I have received many requests for advice through social media. Anyone who gets to know me, knows that I always give my best advice wholeheartedly and am always there to be an ear and shoulder to cry on. It has gained me many friends across the sea’s for years and I felt it was time I extended the efforts. I will post one ‘Letters to Leanne’ blog a week,  from 1 to 3 letters each time, from the many emails and messages I receive with your consent. To have advice published please contact with your problems at the form below.

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Dear Anon
It sounds like you had a knee jerk reaction to a very serious proposition, fear induced most likely, as you admitted you panicked. I am guessing that possibly you have been hurt in the past, had failed relationships and learned the value of having this man as a good close friend through all of that. Now he wants to change the dynamics, and instead of trusted stability he wants to take you down the path of the unknown where your heart will then be vulnerable. 
I am guessing you are afraid that it will fail and you will lose him in the process.
You need to ask yourself if missing out on someone who could very well be your happy ever after is worse than being afraid? If you already know that deep down the feelings are already there, then what is stopping you. You have already fallen; the hard, scary part was natural and didn’t kill you in the process. You just need to see where this could go.
Many people marry and have long happy lives with their best friends, the best relationships are based on friendship.
You clearly trust him, have the right emotions, and you’re hurt that he has pulled away because he obviously feels the same way about you. He is in pain, more than just a bruised ego. He obviously sees a future with you and will pull away to guard his own heart.
There is a very real chance that for a while he may disconnect from you to get over his feelings if you truly do not want to go there, but I get the sense that you are really asking for someone to tell you it is okay.
Yes, it’s okay to fall in love with your best friend. 
Go for it.
You have already lost your heart to him.
Good luck, I hope you swallow the fear and give him a real chance.
Leanne xxx

Agree or disagree with my response? Have another view or opinion? Please comment below. I love nothing more than interaction with readers who may offer a wider variety of solutions to my letter writer. 


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