Guest Blog – Unicorns and Jellybeans for my Favorite Authors by Kenna Mckinnon

Thanks, Leanne, for the chance to give some deserving authors a boost in my post. Enough with promoting our own stuff exclusively, as you and some of the following writers know – it’s far more fun to give than to receive, and for those who are full of themselves (and you know who you are), remember that jellybeans and unicorns are more fun than a box.
My first unicorn and jellybean award goes to Mari Collier, who never stops roaring through the SF skies with her great Maca series, and her Twisted Tales from a skewed mind. Earthbouind is the first in the series and is set in the old West where a spaceship is hidden underground in Texas. The Thalian named MacDonald, with two hearts, believes it is safe. The series continues from there, to the most recent publication in the Tonath series called The Silver and the Green. You can find Mari’s books here, on her Amazon author page:
Mari has many 5-star reviews. She is a constant promoter of other authors’ books and a tireless worker for her own novels and short stories. She’s found daily on Facebook. This interesting senior lives in the desert community of Twenty-Nine Palms in California, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her personally on two occasions. Kudos, Mari Collier!
My second unicorn and jellybean award goes to Rich Penney, another Creativia author, new at the game and anxious for reviews. He’s written a trilogy of novels respectively called Symbiosis, Friction, and Entanglement. Rich reads quickly and posts a review just as fast. He also promotes other authors on his Facebook page. He’s a young writer and has had varied careers already. You can learn more about Rich by reading his blog found here:
No post of influential writers would be complete without mentioning Gisela Hausmann, award-winning guru of the Naked series of books. Gisela gets a unicorn and three jellybeans for the exhaustive research and excellent writing that has gone into all her Naked books, and in particular, the latest called Naked Review: How to get book reviews: What to do now that Amazon has closed all loopholes.Gisela is the Indie author’s best friend. Naked Reviews can be purchased here for less than a cup of caramel macchiato:
The next unicorn goes to my online friend, George Geisinger, whose autobiographical book called Memoirs of a Flower Child is both courageous and insightful, the struggle of a young man as a hippie in the 1960s who must overcome addictions and trauma to become the delightful person he is today. George has self-published many books written from a unique perspective. His Amazon page is here:
He is also a poet of skill and art, has studied music for two years, and has a wealth of life experience which many have missed.

No list of helpful authors would be complete without the irrepressible and humorous Karen Docter, whose Facebook posts never fail to entertain and cause her readers to ROTFL. Karen gets a colored unicorn and two jellybeans. Karen posts a weekly blog called Karen’s Killer Book Bench for authors to advertise their new releases, and hosts a Friday blog with a sneak peak about the author and their book, entitled Karen’s Killer Fixin’s. She includes a recipe from the author with each sneak peek. Her blog is found at:
She wears two hats as an Indie author – writes romantic suspense as K.L. Docter, and contemporary romance as Karen Docter. Her Amazon page with a list of her books and biography is here:
Her romances are sweet and cozy, and a refreshing change from many of the “modern” romance books that are out there now. Her Cop on Her Doorstepsounds thrilling, and is on my list of books to be read. I read Catch that Santa last Christmas and loved it. A seniors’ love story and a feisty pair of seniors they are, too!
My list is not complete. I’d like to revisit this topic at some other time. Suggestions for more unicorn and jellybean awards would be welcome.
Thanks for hosting me, Leanne. It’s been fun. Don’t forget to check out my own works at Amazon’s author page. Keep an eye out for FREE eBooks coming August 26 and more this fall!


5 thoughts on “Guest Blog – Unicorns and Jellybeans for my Favorite Authors by Kenna Mckinnon”

  1. Thank you so much, Leanne, this is wonderful! Hope your readers enjoy it as much as I loved writing it. What a great blog you have and what a great idea to host other authors.


  2. Thank you for the kind words, Kenna. You deserve a sack full of jelly beans. Kenna writes everything from children's books to a scholarly look at mental challenges. She a fine author, critic, and friend.


  3. @Kenna, thank you so much for featuring my work (and me). Yep, #naked info is what we need (there is too much fluff and BS) and as long and my engine is running I will contribute.
    Thank you again for your kind words :))


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