Answering comments and questions.

Since my first book release in December 2016 I have had a lot of comments, questions and conversations per my written work and style. And as they seem to be recurring I thought it would be a good opportunity to write them on my blog for all to see. I feel that these are probably questions and comments that will continue to be asked so at least this way I can send people to my blog for insight.

Was the Carrero Trilogy based on real events and experience in your life?

The Carrero trilogy was based loosely on experiences in my life and those of close friends and family. I used people from my life to base some of the characters, memories and pain from my own childhood to help guide me, but the plot and exact experiences of Emma Anderson is fictional.

Why do you write in characters and situations that completely frustrate the reader to the point that there are times that you feel annoyed with them?

I feel that unless a book ignites some sort of emotional response then I have no done it well, be they sadness, laughter or anger. I want my readers to have a response, so if you say for example the main hero frustrated you to the point you wanted to bash him on the head, then I am thrilled. Because you won’t like or love everyone in life and people do frustrate you. I am a realist who likes to add real human flaws and common personality traits to my characters. I like to take you on an emotional journey that is not always smiles and heartwarming. I want you to feel about my characters the way you feel about people you known and ignite genuine responses, be they good or bad. To me that is what writing a story that draws you in requires.

Just Rose was a completely different style from Carrero, was that a deliberate move to show you had the ability to write in different ways?

No. With Just Rose I was not aware of a huge deal of change in style, only that it was a gentler book with less saucy detail. I am someone who writes as a character so it makes sense that with a completely different type of girl the book would come across differently. I write in the part I am creating so I guess its a natural change that may occur with every book I write.

Why do you release books prior to full editing?

For two reason, initially because I have issues with grammar and did not have access to an editor, but now that I do her workload in going over my books takes time and I did not want to wait months and months to release the books again. Secondly, after my first book I gained an instant following and they were very impatient for the next books. They politely begged that I release them prior to full editing and would ignore the flaws just so they could have the books. I don’t write for any other reason than to share stories with people who love them so how could I refuse?

Do you listen to fans while writing and let them influence the outcomes in your stories?

Of course I listen to my fans. They are the driving force that keeps me writing and I adore every one of them. Readers can give you insight like no other and I value that they take time to read what I have created. But in terms of adjusting my books plot then no. I listen to my beta readers for small changes and I listen to my editor Grace on suggestions, however with stories I am pretty stubborn minded and rarely alter a plot that I have decided upon to appease readers. Even if I think the details may not go down well, I stick with what I feel is right in the story and so far it has proven successful. Not that there has been any real need to change plots, usually my readers come to the conclusions I have already factored in anyway.

Are you anything like any of your female protagonists? 

Funny that you ask this as this has been discussed quite a lot in my fan group, I am like my female characters yes, but not the one who appears as the main character.  In Carrero I am a cross between Jake and Leila, there are a lot of parts in which I would totally be them, in Just Rose I am a bit of Abby I guess. She is like me more than Rose. I try not to put too much of myself in stories but there can always be found little hints somewhere.

What are you working on now?

Right now I have 3 works in progress. My next novel which is a stand alone comedy romance and two read along series on wattpad for young adults in the fantasy genre.


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