An unusually quiet Saturday and some catch up.

Today is normally the day that I get my head down and go to town on anything that needs doing, be it written, domestic or manual labour. I guess having kids home on a weekend means I don’t get enough ‘quiet time’ to work on my books so instead I get all in about the motherly – wifely duties so I can ignore them through the week.
Well, yesterday saw me home with two kids, I won’t traumatise you with the fine details but let’s just say it involved a child from the exorcist (both ends)  and a blocked toilet – twice, a shower hose down and a lot of Febreze and endless running around. My editor thought this was all rather hilarious, knowing my aversion to maternal instincts.
I am stuck home today awaiting a massive roll of upholstery fabric, I was dumb enough to volunteer my interior design self to the inner’s of a camper van my beloved is renovating and now waiting on a  fabric roll that weighs and stands taller than me to get on with covering cushions.
You have to admit though, this fella is kinda cute.

I am rather excited to see how this baby will look all done and dusted and ready to roll.
I have a dining table piled high with crazy amounts of fabric, lining, haberdasheries etc already as YUP I am in charge of the cushions and curtains. Mehh. Joy of my life!
My book is doing really well on Amazon, or should I say trilogy and still going strong with daily downloads which pleases me immensely. You have no idea how grateful I am for the continued support and new fans I collect daily. I just want to say a huge and merry THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.
My next book is already underway. Just Rose is a soft, cosy romance and a stand alone (Thank god) Not that I didn’t enjoy writing a trilogy but juggling three books that all have to tie up is really quite a challenge. I also covered a lot more gritty topics and raw emotion in Carrero that I am super glad to say are not present in my newest. It’s warm, funny and family orientated and will be a breeze to work on after the all-consuming Carrero books.
I have been getting all my merchandise going for my first author signing in august. I had been invited to some in April, June, and May but I already have commitments at events connected to my online business Liana Marcel and felt the jump into other stardom ( I say sardonically) is something quite scary and needed the lengthy wait to work the courage up. I am super excited to be travelling to manchester to attend the book convention and my lil old table and Carrero stand will be awaiting your lovely presence. I’ll be signing books, giving away bookmarks and smiles and most likely a nervous ball of stress. The glamorous life of a writer.
I will leave you with a lil picture to brighten our day, mine is grey and in all typical Scottish tradition sprinkled with rain, cloudy skies and the threat of another bout of snow.

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