New year, New post and new character profile- Introducing Muffin!

It’s time to meet Muffin!

In celebration to my up and coming launch of my debut novel ‘Just Rose.’ I decided we should have a few posts introducing you to my main characters. What better way to get emotionally invested in people you are very soon to meet in the magical world of my book than give you an in-depth view of who they are!

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 Name : Muffin
Date of birth : January 19th 2015
Height : 11 inches
Eye colour : Brown
Hair : White
Build : Slender
Occupation : Roses companion
Star sign : Capricorn
Most noticeable feature: His overall cute fluffiness

A little about Muffin

Muffin was born and bred by the Turner Family, his mum cuddles is a long term family pet. Muffin was gifted to Rose as a companion by her family, to keep her from getting lonely while living in London. 


Muffin is a cute little bundle of boy fluffiness but he has spirit. he can be stubborn, boisterous and feisty. He is very good at telling people when he dislikes them and is a loyal companion.

Muffins favourites!

Food – The boy will scavenge anything at all, he particularly loves a juicy bone or left-over meat cuts.

Movies: Muffin loves nothing more than cuddling up on the couch with rose watching an old romantic, he’s a snuggler and loves the movie time ritual.

Self-indulgences – Muffin loves three things in life. Food. Attention and playing. He is happiest when chasing toys, being adored and being fed. He’s not much of a napper but loves to be spoiled.
Muffins dislikes

Muffin has a strong dislike of men with ill intention against Rose, he can almost sense it. He’s very protective. He doesn’t like people upsetting her, hurting her or generally getting too close.

Muffins Goals!

Muffin just wants more of what he has, food, playtime and adoration. He’s not against the little patter of small feet in Roses future as a playmate though. Muffin is a one dog kind of mutt, he wouldn’t like more furbabies to share attention with.

Best Muffin moment. (From Just Rose)
‘Muffin why are men so hard to figure out?’ She held the little fur ball close under the duvet, watching his large brown eyes. He watched her carefully giving no hint to the inner workings of the male mind.

‘It’s the worst kind of torture for a woman!’ She explained, his little face listening intently. ‘If you want to inflict pain and suffering on a future girlfriend Muffin, may I suggest leaving her in great doubt as to how you feel about her.’ She sighed pulling his little face close and revelling in the warm licks he spread across her nose.

‘Kiss her passionately, like she’s your absolute world, then give her the cold shoulder. Like dangling a worm on a hook. The result is a pretty messed up emotional wreck.’
She sighed loudly. Muffin narrowed his eyes a little and that in itself almost made her smile, he turned around facing her with a little fluffy rear and a sure fire sign he was going to sleep. His butt directly in her face.

‘You’re a just a typical male aren’t you?’ She rubbed his fur and left him in peace to roll on her back and stare into the darkness.

Coming soon to AMAZON! Release yet to be confirmed.


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