🐝 Working with BeeBeeCrafts to review their online store

I was contacted by the lovely Molly from BeeBeeCrafts.com a few weeks ago, asking if I would be interested in reviewing some of their supplies for my Youtube channel. I was obviously thrilled to be offered an opportunity to try a new store and be given some fabulous free products, and they gave me an amount to spend on their store.

I had a $40 spend and a maximum of 5 items with the free shipping. So I chose kits to get the most out of the amount and it gives me an array of goodies to play with. They have so many kits to choose from so it was not that easy to narrow it down. Like a kid in a candy store, my eyes were wide with wonder.

Now two hours lost in the ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh’ of looking at craft supplies, I finally settled on a combination of jewellery kits to create some fabulous pieces with them working together in unity at the back of my mind. I plan on combining these with my resin and have a couple of videos planned. I have to say though, I have earmarked 25 other crafts besides jewellery I definitely want to do, LOL

Nothing excites me more than new goodies and new ideas, and with Christmas just around the corner, I may even gift them to loved ones when I am done.

🐝 First Impressions

First contact with the company was an email and Molly is absolutely lovely. I missed the email as it went to junk and sat for a considerable time before I found it and replied. Molly couldn’t have been nicer. Communication was quick. Around 12 hours for my first back and forth but instant with emails following that . Bear in mind the company is in china and there is a time difference if like me, you live in the UK. They also only email back within working hours so you may have to wait overnight for a response which is perfectly satisfactory within a company. I would say they ahve good quick communication and very polite.

As soon as I looked at the website, I fell in love with so many of their supplies. Easy to navigate, very well labelled and in clear English. All social media links work and it does seem very professional. Nothing confusing.

🐝 Using the website

The website is easy, straightforward and reminiscent of some of my favourite craft websites from the UK. I love the logo and pretty much all of the items they stock. So much scope for so many crafts and they offer free shipping over $25. You can set the prices to your own currency so it is less confusing and set up an account with a wish list to keep track of items you want in the future. I have found myself browsing their site several times for project ideas and saving tons of the products to my list.

Everything is in categories for easy browsing and has the usual search bar for more specific finds. A sales tab which is a must for all craftaholics too. They currently have a black Friday sale ongoing until November 18th.

They also have YouTube videos from other crafters under some of the products that gives you ideas on how to use them. Always a plus in my opinion. Facebook groups to join fellow crafters and an Instagram. All easy to find at the bottom of their page.

🐝 Delivery, Packaging, quality

As soon as Molly passed my order I received confirmation emails with tracking. Now as it is in china, the delivery to me is about 15-20 days as stated on the store. I ordered on October 29th and it got here today November 15th. That is completely normal postage from china to Scotland and I expected to wait that long or longer. It came via royal mail, once it hit the UK. I was able to track it for its entire journey and soon as it landed on British shores it was delivered 48 hours later. I obviously had to be home to get it as my items were too big for the letterbox.

Everything was packaged well, taped shut, bagged up. Bubble wrapped completely, and taped securely then all put inside a sealed plastic envelope which is weatherproof. There was no unnecessary packaging which I was thrilled about. As a regular consumer of online items, I end up with tons of paper, card, packages and boxes and loved the fact these were sealed in reusable plastic bags and barely any waste at all. It cuts down on bulk in the package and cuts down on my recycling bin.

The only item packed in a proper package was the pliers which is understandable as they are pointed and could poke out of the package and cause damage.

Everything in the package is very decent quality, so much so I am very pleased. I have used so many wholesale retailers and cheap outlets for the last ten years so consider myself well versed in quality of craft supplies. The beads are gorgeous, the findings substantial and definitely products I would purchase again. I can’t wait to get started on my ideas for these.

🐝 What shall I make?

Although I do have two definite ideas for this little parcel of joy, I would love some feedback from you guys and you can let me know if the supplies spark any inspiration for you or send me images of ideas you think these would work with. I have two videos of me using the supplies coming and would love your feedback.

🐝 What did you think of the items I chose?

There is a possibility I will be doing this for BeeBeeCrafts again as an influencer for part of their design team. I would just like to say Yes, I would love to. The products are great! Let me know what you loved most in what I chose.

🐝 Items Ordered

SUNNYCLUE Druzy Cabochon Pendant Crescent Moon Necklace Earrings Jewelry Making Starter Kit – 12mm Druzy Resin Cabochons…
SKU: DIY-SC0003-21 Weight: 64g Β£5.9
PandaHall Elite 1 Box (about 300pcs) 8mm 10 Type Crackle Lampwork Glass Round Beads Cat Eye Beads Spray Painted…
SKU: EGLA-PH0003-06 Weight: 302g Β£9.97
PandaHall Elite Alloy Open Back Bezel Pendants for DIY Resin Pressed Flower Jewelry Ring Platinum 32.5×28.5×4.5mm Hole…
SKU: X-PALLOY-WH0030-01P Weight: 32g Β£5.47
PandaHall Elite Jewelry Making Starter Kit -Assorted Beads, Craft Wire, Hoops for Pendants, Plier Set, Cutting Tool and…
SKU: DIY-PH0018-17 Weight: 528g Β£17.31

🐝 The unboxing video so you can see the items in real time



🐝The BeeBeeCraft FB page

🐝Their Pinterest

🐝Their Instagram

🐝Their Youtube

Making items with their products

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