Christmas Tree Table/Desk Decor – Easy DIY

I love Christmas decorations and every year I cannot resist adding to my growing pile of them by making a new easy DIY that others can replicate. This year it’s table, desk or shelf decor as I plan on putting new bookcases in my living room before Christmas and setting a table with these cuties. I may or may not already have the smallest pink one sitting on my PC to keep me feeling festive.

As a writer though , someone who sits at a desk to work, then these are a great idea to bring some goodwill spirit to your work space or even your office. Can be made in any colour and you can add any personalisation as you see fit.

I made an array of colours for you to see how customisable these are and that they can be made as place settings at a table or as large ornaments to group together or add to a display.
As usual the list of supplies will be below the video.

They are incredibly easy to make and customise, so watch the video to see how. In fact, the large white one was made in colours to suit my daughters current obsession. Pentatonix, and the release of their new album. She wanted it to match, as her tree for her bedroom is going to be decorated in the same theme. The small blue and white is for Heather, the recipient of my Mermaid gift set as she loves blue. This one is for her own art desk.

Mine of course are the other 3 – Green for my elf themed livingroom, rustic for my hall and pink for my own desk.

Happy Crafting x

The Video

The Supplies

Scrap Card , preferably thick card from packing boxes
Hot Glue Gun and Glue sticks or PVA Glue
BBQ skewers or chopsticks
Craft Felt
Wooden base
Self adhesive craft foam and glitter foam
Optional decorations –
Assorted buttons
Sequin ribbon
Mini pom poms
Star buttons
Wooden buttons
Velvet ribbon
Heart buttons
Hessian Using a bag will mean the fabric is treated so won’t frey
Jute string
Gold paint pen
Black marker
If you plan on sewing your tree then a needle and thread to match your felt.


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