Moon themed Hanging decor Using Beebeecraft products

As promised this is the first of three videos in which I use the supplies I received from If you want to know more about that then you can read my previous blog post – Beebeecraft Haul.

I was so excited to start creating that I dove right in with the first project I had in mind. This was a project based around this months creative challenge and thought it would be an awesome idea to combine the challenge with these items. I had this idea in mind when choosing items from their store and so pleased with how it turned out.

To join the creative challenge you can read about it here – #OCFcreativechallenge. The palette is Galaxy, and the prompt word is fantasy. So, what better item to come up with than a fantasy inspired moon and planets hanger.

Without much further ado – here’s the video. Supplies will be listed below.

The Video

Supplies List

Moon jewellery kit
Bead kit
Circle Bezel
UV resin
Blue tape
Silicon cup and stirrer
Nail varnish
Glass crystals
Assorted metal stars
Micro marbles
Flat back pearls
Nail sparkles
If I have failed to list something then don’t hesitate to comment.

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