So maybe I should introduce myself?

In the tradition of my character posts I had a sudden thought this morning that maybe I should introduce my followers to me, you know the person who drones on every couple of days and you good-heartedly read it.
 So without much a-do I decided to use the format for my character posts and let you all see a little of the person that is me. Leanne the writer!

 Name : Leanne Tracy Marshall

Date of birth : Dec 16th 1979
Height : 5ft 6 and three-quarters! (that’s important you know!)
Eye colour : Brown
Hair : Dark brown
Build : Slim
Occupation : Writer, homemaker, artist. Weirdo.
Star sign : Sagittarius
Most noticeable feature: An approachable face

A little about Leanne

Born and raised in Scotland, I started off life in a caravan near Penicuik then moved around for a considerable amount from home to home. I have lived numerous places and settled in the highlands for my high school life, moving back to central Scotland as I hit my Twenties. I was raised in a  really big, laid back family and extended  family with a mix of half siblings, full and step. And out of all of them, my mum says I’m the black sheep and the family rottweiler. Although the start of my journey was less than happy, a traumatic childhood which still fuels many a good story and a bit of a disrupted life until I was around 9. I studied in college as a beautician and makeup artist and have had many odd professions adding up to quite a long CV. This ranges from photo lab technician, 192 operator, Charity director, singer and designer and many many more.

Wacky and awfully quirky, I grew up with an ugly girls personality. The strong belief that it would be better to be loveable than beautiful and it’s never really changed. I’m loud and impulsive. I can be the life and soul of the party and fun loving but I can also be incredibly boring and grumpy. I have a childishness that never goes away but I am also very strict and like calm and organised rules. Most people find me really easy to talk too, easy to get along with and love that I am a very honest open person who won’t mince her words even if you disagree. I have interests in anything that goes against the norm, I like to be my own person in everything. I am very outspoken and opinionated, not one to be pushed into a mould or held down by my gender.

Want to meet me on screen? Check out my Youtube channel!

Abby’s favourites!

Food – I like savory food more than most, will avoid sweets and desserts for weeks on end but I can indulge in them. I love a variety of dishes in many cultures but I guess I would never bypass a good mild curry. I hate food restrictions so diets don’t work for me and I will eat most things. Appetite like a horse, I’m not a girl whose shy about munching down a plateful in front of a man either.

Books – I like romance, comedy romance and occasionally erotica novels. I have a wide amount of authors I like and love books to have a good length to them. I only like quick reads when my schedule is hectic otherwise I find them a disappointment.

Movies :Much like my choice in books although I am a sucker for action too, i love marvel movies, star wars and star trek. Yes, I am a secret geek but that’s okay as geeks became cool by the time I hit my twenties. Not a huge fan of weird or paranormal although I suffer them for my loves sake.

Refreshments – Endless cups of tea, most days, everyday in fact. I occasionally drink milk or fizzy juice. I have a weakness for Irn Bru and Dr Pepper.

Self-indulgences -It used to be art and crafts supplies, then it was clothes, I change my spending obsessions every so often. Right now, it’s books, I am rebuilding a collection after a manic month when i donated every book I owned last Christmas.

Colour – Rainbow! Always has been and always will. If every item you can buy in pink came in rainbow then I would own it and please do not disagree ….It’s a real colour!!!

Style : I am the eternal queen of casual and comfy. I can spruce up like a good little glamor puss but i live in jeans and comfy tops, hoodies and leggings and even my god darn onesie. I am a writer after all. I grew up as a tomboy who had a short stint at rock goth in my teens and now I just opt for casual coolness every time. I do own sparkly high shoes and pretty dresses though.

Leanne’s Likes and dislikes

I like normal people who can be fun and easy to be around. I like quiet time alone to write, i like arts and music and calmness. I am also a liker of parties and fun and chaos. I like Unicorns. Do you get that I also like being very contradicting, well I like to dance to the beat of my own drum in everything. I abhor being told what to do, how to dress or how to behave! I really dislike liars, sly or manipulative people and I really dislike selfish or superior people.

Leanne’s Goals!

I aim to take over the world. It has always been my plan . Okay so maybe not really but I do aim to leave my mark on it in some small ways so in years to come I will be remembered.

What my friends think of me
”Leanne is the kinda girl who is super talented but doubts herself completely. She is crazy, quirky and funny as heck. However, most of all she is the kinda friend everyone needs loyal, honest and always there.’
“Leanne is funny, crazy, always up for a laugh and doing something fun. She can also be a grumpy bitch but her moods are like flash floods and never stick around but leave chaos in their wake. Haha. Shes’s a good friend, the best in fact and I wouldn’t change her at all.’

“She is the craft queen, resin queen and the best artist and crafter I ever met. She’s spontaneous and so brave, never fears something new or taking chances. She’s an inspiration and always enthusiastic for everyone else, she will help you in any way she can. She is the cheerleader in life that you want spurring your on and giving you the much-needed push and support. Boundless energy and level headed. I love her.”


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