Let me introduce Abby!

In celebration to my up and coming launch of my debut novel ‘Just Rose’ I decided we should have a few posts introducing you to my main characters. What better way to get emotionally invested in people you are very soon to meet in the magical world of my book than give you an in-depth view of who they are!

After introducing you to My Hero and Heroin in previous posts, it’s time to meet someone equally important and a bit of a favourite.

Name : Abigail Isobelle Munro

Date of birth : Dec 16th 1997
Height : 5ft 6
Eye colour : Green
Hair : Black
Build : Slim and athletic
Occupation : Art student
Star sign : Sagittarius
Most noticeable feature: Mischevious Green eyes.

A little about Abby

Abigail was born in the north highlands of Scotland to the parents Hamish and Isabelle Munro. Born into wealth and title of a very huge established family, she has an older brother Robert. She had a very normal, calm upbringing with loving parents and a protective older brother, she has been mostly sheltered in life. The death of her mother in her young teens upended everything in her existence to the point she became a bit of a recluse, pulling away from friends and life and hiding within the protective walls her brother erected around her. She is a very high spirited girl, with an underlying mischief that is just waiting to come out as she finds her feet in the world.


Graceful, stunningly beautiful with oodles of charm. Abby not only looks formidable but she has the sweetest and most loyal nature known to man laced with an edgy inner sardonic ness. She is the epitome of woman colliding with child and charms everyone she meets. She is only beginning to understand the power she has and blossoming at such a young age. Outspoken, honest and fiery, she knows her own mind and is stubborn enough to pursue it.

Abby’s favourites!

Food – Abby has the Munro genes and much like her brother will eat anything and everything in her path, she shares a sweet tooth with the delectable Rose and can often be found buried in art books in the bakery of her hometown. Abby doesn’t cook but then a lifetime of protective care from a housekeeper ensures she has never needed to despite her brothers pushing.

Books – Trashy novels and erotica books, Abby has an inner freak that she is yet to unleash and absolutely devours anything sexy. She has an insatiable appetite which is another Munro trait.

Movies : Abby likes action and excitement, the more explosions the better, she likes wild movies or horror, dark plotlines or intelligent challenging twists.

Refreshments – Coffee, water or any fizzy juice that graces her path, Abby is a lover of all things bad for her and doesn’t care much about the effects.

Self-indulgences – Abby likes to splurge, on anything from clothes, shoes and makeup to books, art supplies or perfume. She has been raised with no boundaries when it comes to money and with an indulgent brother with a bottomless wallet she has never had to reel it in.

Colour – Pink! Abby would colour the world pink if she could, she is attracted to it, embraces it in her boudoir and swoons after Roses pink car.

Style : Abby is a lover of fashion and trying out new things, she can go from jeans and hooded tops to Lady of the night and all that is in between, she likes to experiment and make bold statements.Most commonly found in casual attire, she is relaxed in her own skin and knows it doesn’t take a push up bra and face full of makeup to be attention demanding.

Abby’s dislikes

Abby dislikes limits, she often pushes boundaries and rules because she’s internally that little bit defiant and naughty. She flowers under freedom and likes to think she is master of her own universe.

Abby’s Goals!

Abby had plans to travel the world and make adventures, she knows she is young and impulsive and wants a lifetime of excitement before she settles for marriage and kids.

Best Abby quotes! (from Just Rose)

Shut up. It’s hilarious. Sadly, your story was topped by the two fat wives having an outright scrap on the lawn at 3am and one of them getting her boobers out’

You know they have to come spend a day with you at home, do whatever you ask within reason. No naked naughtiness or sexually abusing your slave’


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