💦Receiving a package from Lets Resin

A few weeks ago a company reached out to see if I would be interested in reviewing and using some of their resin related products. I was so excited to check them out that I browsed their online shop and immediately agreed.

The parcel showed up yesterday, much to my delight and I want to share this company and the products with you in this little video.
I will be following with some resin items made with the moulds so check back if you want to see what I create. I have some fab ideas and can’t wait to get stuck in.

💦 The Company

Let’s Resin are a china based resin company with a lot of great feedback and seemingly very happy customers. You can find them on various social media platforms as they take the time to supply videos, ideas and tutorials of their products. They seem to be very interactive and have a busy Facebook group for crafters.

The Links

💦 Facebook Page
💦 Facebook group
💦 Instagram
💦 Youtube
💦 Pinterest
💦 Website
💦 Amazon Shop

💦 What I got

💦 Christmas Snowflake Resin Molds, 10PCS Resin Keychain Molds with Christmas Bell Silicone Resin Molds, Christmas Reindeer Molds

💦 Exclusive Hanging WELCOME Mold, Silicone Resin Molds to Decorate Door/Wall Make Hangable Projects

💦 Mini review

On writing this I have already created one video with the welcome sign and filled a few of the other moulds so I could better have a say in what I have received.

Communication was pretty good from the company once they made contact with me via email.
Delivery was pretty fast considering it is from China and I normally wait up to a month for overseas from there. This was about two and a half weeks from the time they told me it was sent.

The packaging was great, well wrapped, nothing going stray or getting soaked in that parcel and I love that they had minimum wasteful packaging within the parcel itself. The two larger bags are re-usable which is always a plus.

The moulds seem great quality, flexible yet hold their shape and sturdiness. Easy to clean and just a great item. I love the clean designs which are perfect for both epoxy and UV resin due to the semi transparency of the moulds. The pieces I have popped out came out cleanly and with a nice finish so don’t need glazed or domed if you don’t like doing that.

I am really happy with what I received and now have a few ideas to film before I put these moulds in my big box of resin moulds. Keep checking back for video links to projects with them as I will add them below as they are published to YouTube.

💦 The unboxing video

What I made …..


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