#IFakeIt – Take the challenge.

You are probably wondering what the title of this blog is all about, well it’s in consolidation to a very lovely blogger who shared her tips on achieving the most beautiful pictures by ‘faking’ certain props. I figured it would be a wonderful thing to share tips with everyone, the little things we fake or enhance to make those perfect pictures in all walks of life.

We are a nation of digital media and we all take pictures everyday for our social media platforms.

The challenge is to post a pic and share your #IFakeIt tip underneath. Use the hashtag so we can find one another.

I will go first.


I propped this book on a broom handle precariously that was stabbed into my garden flower pot. The daylight is about 4 LED torches aimed down as it was a very grey day in Scotland and had zero sun, we were using an umbrella too as it was raining and I still had to use the filter leveling to make it semi bright.
I love this picture even though it’s not the most artistic, it works for me.

Why not post your own silly tip or quick #IFakeIt post and see what hilarious things we do to make our favourite images.
I even made you a gold badge xx

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