I am in CCChat Magazine, May Issue

Nothing quite feels the same as having a fellow author that you completely respect, Pm you and pass you a  link where she has featured you and your books in a magazine about domestic violence, a magazine covering Coercive control in relationships.
Jennifer and I are both authors under the Pict Publishing umbrella and have been Facebook friends for quite a few months now. She is a valued member of Pict and I have had many a great chat with her about a topic we both strive to bring awareness too, and that is abuse – in all its forms.
Jennifer is an ambassador for Domestic violence, coercive control more specifically, while my forte is in child abuse and I frequent the story lines in my books. Anyone who reads my books knows who many issues my heroines have weighted upon their shoulders from traumatic childhoods.
On chatting to Jen about the magazine, she had this to say…..
“CCChat is a new monthly online publication which aims to inform on Coercive Control and matters around it. CCChat is not afraid to tackle difficult topics that need to be addressed. I am delighted to write a monthly column for the CCChat Magazine which includes #AbuseTalk and also a monthly online book club which features books that feature domestic abuse in it.”
She also went on to say…“I am involved with CCChat Magazine because of my personal experience of coercive control and this magazine helps the readers learn about what coercive control really looks like. There are a wide range of readers and many are involved in the sector, that alone will make begin to make an impact”
“CCChat Magazine have been supportive of my vision and are always keen to let everyone know the latest news. My #AbuseTalk forum opens at the end of the month and I have been able to let readers know about this exciting development”
Find out about abuse talk by clicking here

Jennifer’s links to all issues of the Mags.

The  magazine – www.coercivecontrol.co.uk/ccchat-magazine

The lovely Jennifer Gilmour shared this link with me in which she has featured me and my books on page 15 – Click here for the edition I am in. Go take a look and subscribe to the magazine for all future issues.

Thank you so much Jen for thinking of me when writing up this months article. I really appreciate recognition in highlighting forms of abuse throughout my series.

xx Leanne


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